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The Leftovers “A Matter of Geography” Review (2×02)

11 Oct


“Nobody’s okay.”

“All I see is what’s done,” Kevin Garvey Sr. tells his son midway through this episode. “I could either sit around and cry about how the world fucking ended, or I could start it up again.” Seeing as this show is concerned with the idea of loss and how we deal with it, it’s interesting to see these characters attempting to finally move on with their lives. Sure, we saw some of that last season, but it seems like the desire is coming out in full force right now, literally driving them to another location known as Miracle. It’s all about escape from recent events, about trying to restore some sense of normalcy into a world described aptly by Garvey Sr.: “Would you agree that the laws of fucking nature [seem] a bit upside down as of late?”

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