Parenthood “It Has To Be Now” Review (5×01)

27 Sep

627-2Season 4 of Parenthood was one of the better seasons of television I’ve seen. Monica Potter had a breakout performance that should’ve earned her an Emmy nod, and the rest of the show gelled in a way that the previous seasons had not. How’s the Season 5 premiere, though? Breaking down the episode by storylines….

Kristina running for mayor

This is an interesting one. The mayoral race is more about taking advantage of her life (per her scene with Gwen) than actually winning, although she wouldn’t want to lose. It’s understandable why she’d do it, but it feels kind of strange in the context of the show. Still, Monica Potter can make just about anything work. As for Bob Little, he’ll probably get the brunt of Adam and Kristina’s heat; he doesn’t deserve it, because two consenting adults had consensual sex, but he’ll be Kristina’s enemy.

Max and Hank

This is a storyline I love. I hate that Sarah always has to be stuck in a romance plot, and I’m glad that we focus on Hank in relation to Max here. These two have a deeper connection and understanding of each other than pretty much anyone else in the show, past or present.

Joel’s new project and Julia’s job-finding troubles

Sonya Walger’s around to stir things up a bit! Also, we continue to see Joel becoming more successful as Julia becomes less prominent. Sydney explains profit margins.

Crosby and Jasmine

Although I love the issues this storyline focuses on, the fact that the two have been in conflict for so long underscores the importance of Crosby’s feelings. They seem like they’re in an endless marriage of conflicting viewpoints, yet they love each other so much. It’s a bit of wheel-spinning.

Ryan and Amber

This is a beautiful relationship. That final proposal scene is definitely cliche, but it’s so well acted by Whitman and Lauria that it becomes something perfect. I wish we could avoid the inevitable relationship troubles that they’ll face.

Other thoughts:

-Drew grows more hair! People forget Haddie even exists! Zeek can still go to Funkytown! Sarah used a hammer and smashed a smoke detector!

Grade: B

Credit to NBC and Parenthood for all pictures. I own nothing.

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