The Walking Dead “Infected” Review (4×02)

21 Oct

627-12Just a few quick thoughts…

-This is certainly a step up from the premiere; it’s a very bleak episode, and while there’s not much more to say beyond “We’re going to die!”, I’m appreciating the fact that the show is sitting down and taking a look at what makes these characters who they are.

-Of course, the “Who cares?” problem still comes into play when a bunch of supporting characters are killed off in the prison breach scene. It’s well directed and very intense, but it ultimately has very little emotional resonance due to the fact that we don’t even remember any of their names.

-Speaking of emotional resonance, Rick killing the pigs is probably the scene that fulfills that requirement most adequately. It’s a great scene for Andrew Lincoln, and it represents him moving away from his “farmer” mode. At the end of the day, a farmer can’t survive in this world; at best, it’s a fantasy. I’m happy he’s back to being in cop-mode, but this also detracts from his relationship with Carl. I would’ve liked to see more expansion on that and Rick’s quest to move his son in a better direction.

-I’m liking Carol this season. As callous as it sounds, the only sympathy I feel for the two girls is because of her. I like her telling the kid that she’s weak; it’s something that the kid needs to hear, and better earlier than later due to the fact that kids have to mature much more quickly in this world.

-Piglets are cute, damn it.

-I like how everyone is nervous about being infected, but then Rick just goes ahead and sprays himself with infected pig blood.

-At the end of the episode, Tyreese finds his wife burned outside. It’s an ominous final scene, and to be honest, I hope the Governor didn’t do it. He probably did, but I like the show better when the villain is nebulous; that’s what made the pilot so fantastic. The Governor is fun, but true horror arises when you can’t even trust those around you.

Grade: B+

Credit to AMC and The Walking Dead for all pictures. I own nothing.


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