Friday Night Lights “Tomorrow Blues” Review (3×13)

12 Nov

627-25High school is a transition phase; people have to decide what the first step in their futures should be, and it’s therefore understandable that the process would be ripe with indecision. This episode is just as much about second-guessing as it is about moving forward.

Matt second-guesses his decision to head to college, instead electing to stay at home with Lorraine. Much like Tyra’s decision to run off with Cash earlier in the season, Matt’s choice is frustrating, yet understandable. I so want to see this kid achieve something and tap into that potential, but I sympathize with his decision; if he leaves, there’s no doubt he’ll be wracked with guilt. In that fantastic scene in which Matt leaves Lorraine at the home, we can see the heartbreak in his face after he leaves her room. It’s a perfect moment–and seriously, someone give Zach Gilford some work–that sums up his character in one look: he has dreams, but loyalty and community trumps all.

Speaking of dreams, how about a round of applause for Tyra Collette, who finally GETS INTO COLLEGE YES WOOOO, and Landry Clarke, someone Tyra wouldn’t have been able to do so without. What she needs is someone that can be brutally honest with her both ways; what I mean by this is someone that can say her strengths and faults straight to her face. Sometimes she wallows in the pessimistic side of honesty, but Landry won’t take that. When we get down to it, this is a sweet, sweet ending, and that acceptance letter scene is full of so much joy and relief that it makes me deliriously happy. I’ll miss you, Tyra.

The parallels between Tyra and Tim are extremely interesting. Both may not expect to escape from Dillon, but Tim doesn’t necessarily want to. He’s perfectly content to wrestle with his brother in the middle of nowhere and repair cars, and Billy sees this. At the end of the episode, Billy becomes Tim’s Landry, convincing him to head off to college and stop holding himself back. I’m happy this is ultimately what ends up happening, and while I’m sure it’ll be difficult for him, it’s great to see him and Lyla respecting each others’ decisions and doing what’s best for each other.

Finally, that brings us to the Taylors. The five month jump eliminates a lot of potentially interesting storylines, but then again, it opens up many more. I’m really excited to see Coach build the Lions up from the ground and destroy that little shit Joe McCoy. Also, this storyline just strengthens the idea of Coach-Mrs. Coach having a perfect marriage; Mrs. Coach realizes that Coach doesn’t want to lose his dignity, but she reminds him that fighting for something is the best way to keep that dignity. Even if you lose, there will always be a new beginning; there will always be the East Dillon Lions waiting to be touched by the hands of God Eric Taylor. There will always be a football field that he can share with a wife who will always be behind him. There will always be a place he can call home.




-In fact, that last scene reminds me of the one Coach/Mrs. Coach shared in “Mud Bowl” on their soon-to-be-football field.

-The scene with Julie and Mrs. Coach in the car is fantastic, perfectly conveying the love and uncertainty that comes with attachment and change, respectively.

-“There’s no ME time, Billy!”

-I’m surprised no one stands up for Coach.

-I’m happy the episode gives us a chance to see all the characters hanging out and having fun somewhere NOT the football field. In fact, the wedding is like their graduation party.

-I’m starting up Season 1 select reviews here: Join us if you’d like; I’ll still post them here, of course, but for now, thanks for reading, everyone. Season 4 will begin in a few weeks.

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  1. iseebeautyallaroundbyrobpaine November 12, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    FNL is the best! Great review

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