Friday Night Lights “Eyes Wide Open” Review (1×02)

22 Nov


“My eyes were wide open, sir. My eyes were wide open.”

The fallout of the Jason Street injury isn’t a pretty sight; although the community can pray together, our characters deal with it in different ways. For example, Lyla’s relentless optimism arises from the seemingly perfect nature of her former situation: she was dating QB1, and she had her whole life mapped out. She was ready to fly around with Jason Street, NFL star, and slide down rainbows while the sun danced in the sky. Now, though, she’s holding on to a sliver of those crushed dreams; she believes she’s doing the right thing (and she does have a bit of point. You can’t wallow in self pity, or you won’t get anywhere, and it’s nice seeing her be the first one to really support him. However, wishful thinking can also be detrimental). Yet, she doesn’t understand that maybe the right thing for Jason isn’t what she’s doing.

I really like the parallel between Lyla and Tim here; Jason’s an essential part of them both, and the injury is a crushing blow to all three. Yet, Lyla and Tim are approaching the situation differently. He isn’t able to bring himself to visit Jason, instead taking his anger out on Smash and beating himself up for what happened. It’s heartbreaking to see him watching those game tapes of the injury, unable to come to terms with his best friend’s plight.

So while those two are dealing with all of this, Matt Saracen’s been pushed into the spotlight. The thing is, this is a kid that isn’t entirely sure who he is. His grandmother believes in him, his coach believes in him, and he’s blinded by the spotlight. Not many others believe in him, though; prove them wrong, Matty. It’s a realistic situation, but in this town and in this sport, he has to adjust quickly. The episode does a great job at expanding upon Coach and Matt’s relationship, and it’s awesome seeing how quickly Coach can get a good grasp on Matt’s situation. All he has to do is show up at his house. His job and his family are on the line and he’s a bit frustrated, and he makes sure Matt knows it. Of course, he also actually cares about and wants to understand Matt as a person and a player. That scene on the field is gorgeous and heartwarming, and it shows you just how fantastic Coach is.

Yet, among all this fallout, perhaps Jason Street is the one handling his injury the best. He accepts reality, but he doesn’t pity himself; he’s frustrated, but he’s a good, hardworking kid. He’s selfless about the injury, worrying about the community and complimenting Matt’s creativity, and in another one of those “OH JEEZ THIS MAKES ME WANT TO CRY.” scenes, he lays it all out for Coach, breaking down and apologizing for letting him down. Coach’s response? “Damn, son, you didn’t let me down.” Ahhh, so much power and emotion in that one line. You’re killing me, Scott Porter and Kyle Chandler.

This episode sums up why Coach is the perfect fit for the job; although he wants to win, he’ll listen. He’ll understand. People will believe in him with every cell of their beings.



-Opening credits! I love them. The music is amazing; it’s a perfect Explosions in the Sky song that wasn’t even written by Explosions in the Sky.
-This episode marks the introduction of Smash’s mom, and she is fantastic from the get-go. Tyra vs. Corrina is a joy to watch.
-Tami Appreciation: Although Coach isn’t all that happy about her getting the guidance counselor job, she deals with it in a mature, understanding way. Like I said last week, these two really understand each other. Also, good for you, Mrs. Coach, for going out there and doing what you want to do instead of being miserable with the book club folks.
-Okay, so I understand Jason Street’s injury was devastating and everyone cares about football here, but some of those Dillon-ers are insufferable. They have no right to act like they’re affected that much by the injury; maybe it’s just me, but I dislike those kinds of people. Ugh.
-Grandma Saracen admiration of Coach is sweet. Still, that’s pretty much how I’d act if I met Coach.
-Buddy, no. You are not better than Coach.
-Matt is not like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
-“Devil Town” montage! I adore this choice of music; it fits in so well with the show’s world and is a nice reflection of Dillon.


Credit to NBC and Friday Night Lights for all pictures. I own nothing.


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  1. louisoc April 7, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    So how long before Landry (sp?) reveals his true neo-nazi colours and violently murders a baby or something

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