Friday Night Lights Season 3, Episodes 5-7 Review

16 Jul


*I wrote reviews of episodes 8-13 a while back, so I’m just going ahead to season 4 after this review. In case you’re looking for 8-13, here are some links:

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Episode 11: “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”×11/

Episode 12: “Underdogs”×12/

Episode 13: “Tomorrow Blues”×13/     

EPISODE 5–“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”

Jason Street’s back, and he has a son now; yet, the situation is far from perfect. They’re not living together, he isn’t making enough money, and he’s growing desperate, making him the perfect guy to pair up with Billy Riggins (and Tim and Herc) for a house-flipping project. I’m happy about this storyline because it gives these guys all a chance to interact, but it also illustrates Jason’s penchant for rushing into things, for, say, surprising Erin with his intentions for a house. It’s understandable, given the jarring impact of his injury and the quick way his life turned around, but it’s also bound to place him in some difficult situations. There are definitely a few irritating contrivances with this storyline, but when Erin tells him she’s leaving, and he tells Tim about how excited she is, it’s hard not to feel for the guy.

It’s also hard not to feel for Matt, and man, does this episode twist the knife a few times, especially when Grandma Saracen returns home as Coach is telling Saracen about JD starting. I’m definitely liking his storyline with his mom, as she’s not just a prop to create tension; she’s actually trying to work to be a part of his and Lorraine’s life, and it’s nice seeing Matt open up a bit.

EPISODE 6–“It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy” & EPISODE 7–“Keeping Up Appearances”

That Joe McCoy. *scowls, shakes head*”

No other way to put it, really. This guy’s just awful, withholding his support for JD when it’s expedient and belittling his son in public. Yet, we can also tell that JD genuinely loves his father, and well, that’s understandable; as much of an asshole as he can be, he’s still his dad. It’s a scary thing to rebel or act out or anything, not necessarily because you’re afraid of backlash–although that’s a factor here–but also because you just can’t. Thank God he has Coach Taylor to act as his surrogate father.

That theme of family and fatherhood is present throughout “Keeping Up Appearances”, from Buddy’s camping trip with his kids to Jamarcus’ dad to Billy and Jason. I really like, going off the Billy/Jason mention, the house-flipping storyline, especially since it gives us such hilarious moments as Tim closing the curtains as Jason and Herc are fighting. The storyline also delivers some nice, emotional moments like the Riggins highlight reel, and I love how Billy’s love for and support of Tim is shining through, what with him encouraging him to go to college and break the Riggins mold.

Random endearing moments

-Grandma Saracen giving Coach a scolding at the grocery store
-The Devin/Landry storyline (and my, Crucifictorious sounds way different now. I still remember Riggins going to see the show Landry put on back in season 1)
-Jason singing to Noah at the end of episode 6
-I really like Lyla during these episodes, from supporting Buddy to her scene with Jason in which he asks about being a sports agent.

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