Friday Night Lights “In the Skin of a Lion”/ “A Sort of Homecoming” Review (4×03/4×04)

21 Jul


Dear Coach Taylor,

I wish I could give you all the money you need for your team, you wonderful man. I don’t know why everyone isn’t already throwing him or herself at your feet, trying to kiss that amazing personality, whether or not they think of you as their dad or their boyfriend or both. Have you ever thought about a job at the Landing Strip? Wear just your cap and your jacket of fatherly goodness, emblazoned with the lives you’ve touched and a “Tami Taylor is always right” sticker that never comes off. She’s always got your back, and you’ve always got hers. Compromise. It’s a beautiful thing, even when you’re lying about that damn personal check.

Unless you want to tell me something first, let me tell you something…

Hold on a minute: What about Luke and Vince?

Not part of the letter! I’ll talk about them, though. You know, I’m watching Luke Cafferty last episode, and I’m thinking he’s such a good kid. When you got Vince and Luke on the same team, though, there’ll be inevitable clashes, and I’m thinking “Difference is, he’s nothing like Matt in that he’s assertive and actively seeks out what he wants.” Lots of entitlement, though: hell of an ego…I see it…c’mon, Coach, you must’ve been a little pissed off at him starting the conversation with “I don’t hold anything against you”. Now, contrast that with Matt’s actual situation with the Sherman guy. “Selfish to be a good artist.” He’s an asshole, but nevertheless, interesting character stuff. I can also understand why Vince would view this as a race thing; you just haven’t communicated very well thus far.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t TEXAS FOREVER. Lo and behold, Buddy Garrity has just told off the Boosters and dropped the mic.

Mrs. Coach>>>>>>>>>NuDisqus Send Luke Cafferty away, and you’ve lost a football player. Send Mrs. Coach way, and you’ve buried your school under a mountain of not-Mrs. Coach-ness. My goodness, this town.

I still remember watching “Homecoming”, ya know. Season 1 stuff. Now, I don’t have many episodes left. I love this show so much. I also just realized: “A Sort of Homecoming”…that’s referring to Matt’s dad, isn’t it? Ah, the feels.

I like the way the show handles the character of Cheryl; she isn’t just some one-note, deadbeat mom like I was expecting her to be (for that matter, that’s who I thought Shelby would be at first). Doesn’t make the situation any less difficult, of course; it’s cold, hard reality. Also, Tim Riggins: “Doesn’t the dress find you?” I’d like to see an episode of Riggins in a dress store. He’d be so amazing.

–Tim Riggins

*Okay, I don’t know what exactly happened here, but next up is “The Son”. That review will be very different, I assure you.

Photo credit: NBC, DirecTV, Friday Night Lights


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