Veronica Mars “Return of the Kane”/ “The Girl Next Door” Review (1×06/1×07)

29 Aug




Episode 6: “Return of the Kane”

It’s fitting that following an episode in which Veronica throws herself into the case and turns out to be right about her suspicions (Troy), we get an episode in which she does the same and ends up being wrong (Wanda). It kind of hurts to see her happy while on a date or talking about college while making posters with someone she thought was her friend, then have it all get turned on its head at the end of the episode. Her cold “I didn’t vote for you” is another instance of her hardened heart, one weary to open itself up again and one that, if opened, quickly closes at the first sign of trouble.

The episode is a comment on class, what with the whole Pirate Points business, but it’s also a comment on fatherhood. Jake Kane wants what’s best for his son, and it shines through in the end; however, Aaron Echolls cares more about his own image than the fact that his son did something bad and ought to be taught not to do it. Aaron’s ‘lesson’ comes in the form of physical abuse, and it’s difficult to watch Logan get back at his father while knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. My compliments to Jason Dohring for his work throughout.


Episode 7: “The Girl Next Door”

First off, Jessica Chastain. Very pretty and talented, and you all know how I feel about her. Second, the best part of this episode isn’t the Sarah plot; rather, it’s the decision to put Weevil and Logan together. Their exchanges make for some of the most entertaining dialogue of the series thus far, and the episode also uses their dynamic to, once again, look at–still not very in depth, I’ll admit–class issues in the school; we can see the classist in Mr. Daniels, after all. The flagpole through the car is too far, but it’s a funny visual.

As for Sarah, there isn’t much to complain about with regards to the well-acted and fairly compelling storyline, but it’s a bit predictable and tends to focus a bit too much on Veronica’s reaction to it–the final voiceover nicely applies to the Lilly Kane case in general–rather than Sarah’s. I’m not expecting a load of nuance from a one-episode case like this, though, so.



– “I need a word.” “Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guy.”

-Hey, it’s General Beckman from Chuck! Oh, how I miss that show. We really do need more shows like it, especially considering TV’s love affair with “dark, edgy dramas”.

-So, it’s probably not Abel Koontz, and there’s a connection between Lilly and Weevil (explaining the focus on his tears at the memorial).

-How the hell do you get a flagpole into a car?

-Weevil’s sister is named Lilly. Yeah, right.

-Wait, are we now saying that it’s possible that Keith isn’t Veronica’s dad? What?

-Keith has good aim.

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  1. Matthew Thompson August 30, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    I rewatched this season before the movie came out and it was fun to see how many actors I knew now that I noticed were in it. Like Chastain. And Aaron Paul pops up at some point. I’m sure it is the case with many shows, but fun to see the nonetheless.

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