Scandal “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia” Review (4×01)

25 Sep

136514_0592_preOlivia Pope is the machine that makes everything run, but in reality, many of the problems that pop up around this environment are the result of her actions; she’s a fixer, but as much as she’s the glue that holds everything together, she’s also what will rip it apart. Take “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”, for example, which brings with it a new status quo–Abby as press secretary for Fitz, Huck as Randy the tech guy, Jake and Olivia hanging out on a beach–that is immediately shaken up once again when Olivia returns to D.C.

Because, when you get down to it, D.C. is where she belongs, and she’ll always be drawn back to the heart of our nation because her presence there simply works. Her time with Jake on that vacation-esque island is just that: a vacation. No matter how they may try to spin it, people will always see Olivia Pope doing what she does best in D.C., will always see through an “I’m only back for a couple of days” and remark that the statement “seems rehearsed”. When she and Jake are trying to recreate the magic of island sex in their bedroom, Olivia keeps interrupting to talk about the case and politics and general Pope stuff; she just can’t let go, and Washington can’t let go of her.

This is a premiere about her returning to a scattered city, a more melancholy city as well. Olivia Pope & Associates is closed, everyone’s off on his or her own, and Olivia is faced with former friends who continue to harbor resentment about her leaving. However, what brings them together in the end is Harrison Wright; what brings them together is the death of someone they all used to work with under Olivia, someone who they care about. And, illustrating the multiple effects of Olivia Pope, the death of her friend could very well be caused by her father. Rowan denies it, but we’ve learned that when he says something, you probably shouldn’t believe him.

As for Fitz and Mellie, they’re at a point in their relationship that’s long past love and lust and even effort. Mellie’s been torn apart by the loss of her son, and it’s incredibly sad watching her essentially give up on everything she’s worked to build. Bellamy Young is fantastic in every scene she’s in, particularly the one in which she implores her husband not to lie to her and to just tell her when he goes to see Olivia, and at the end of it all, we sympathize with Mellie because we know the crap she’s been put through. She’s right; why should she waste time on a husband who’ll continue to be drawn to Olivia Pope?

Olivia and Fitz don’t acknowledge each other at the end of the episode, but we know that just as Olivia’s always going to be drawn to Washington, Olivia and Fitz will always be drawn to each other. Even if they don’t touch, their hands remain just out of reach, ready for that one push that’ll bring them together again.

What of Mellie? Well, she’ll continue to be the best.



-Harrison was less a character in this series than a he was a tree in the background.

-That’s Portia de Rossi as RNC chairman ‘Lizzie Bear’. I look forward to more interactions between her and Cyrus.

-Olivia’s reading Gone Girl. Speaking of, I am incredibly excited for the movie. One week left; it’s going to be a good one.

-For those of you who don’t know, Columbus Short was written out of the show due to his being arrested for domestic violence.

-Cyrus has more hair.

-Jake makes Olivia moan. In case you wanted to know.

– “It’s 1976 down there.” Oh, Mellie.

-Oh, how I missed the unrealistic, yet gloriously melodramatic, line deliveries by everyone in this show.

-PERD HAPLEY! Doing actual news reporting!

-How fitting: they’re trying to find a new AG on the day Eric Holder announced his resignation.

-Also, David Rosen is the new AG.

-Since this will be a full, 22 episode season, I will only be checking in at certain points throughout the season.

Photo credits: ABC, Scandal

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