Louie “Cop Story” Review (5×03)

23 Apr


“So, if you feel stupid around young people, then things are going good.”

That grammar bothers me. Of course, it’s also a pretty nice representation of a younger culture, of a state of language that isn’t quite so concerned with the proper, more “adult” grammar. It’s a theme that plays out throughout “Cop Story”, a brilliant episode that emphasizes the slow fading that arrives with increasing age, that tackles the perceived irrelevance of the old guard in society.

We see that early on with the wonderful scene between a cooking supply store owner and Louie. “We’re the future, and you don’t belong in it,” she says. “Because we’re beyond you, and naturally, that makes you feel kind of bad. You have this deep down feeling that you don’t matter anymore.” The way the scene is set up is really well done–the “kissing the mannequin” bit is a prime example of this show’s absurdist humor–and the way it progresses is a testament to CK’s ability to toe the line between uncomfortable and surprisingly poignant.

The conversation ties in thematically later when Lenny laments the fact that “guys like you and me…we’re being selected out.” He’s an exhausting and abrasive character to watch–he’s obviously trying to garner sympathy at all times–yet you also start to feel bad for him as the episode progresses. That’s due to both Rapaport’s fantastic performance and the show’s deftness when handling comedy and drama in tandem; when Louie returns to the apartment with Lenny’s gun in hand, Lenny breaks down, sobbing and hugging Louie as they sit together on the floor. It’s slightly comedic to see a grown man utilizing regression like that, but it’s also slightly pathetic and melancholy. That in itself is a distillation of Louie’s best elements, and it makes for a great episode of TV.



-The final scene that plays over the credits is really great. I feel like it’s just something that technically wasn’t filmed for part of the episode, but was rather just a great Rapaport-CK moment behind the scenes.

-This is a very similar episode to “Eddie”.

-Rapaport was miscast in Justified, but he’s excellent in this episode.

Photo credit: FX, Louie


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