Battlestar Galactica “A Measure of Salvation”/ “Hero” Review (3×07/3×08)

10 Jun


EPISODE 7: “A Measure of Salvation”

Battlestar Galactica is once again tackling a large moral question and using it to structure an episode, and what we see in “A Measure of Salvation” is a discussion about whether or not to carry out genocide of the Cylon race, whether you’re on one side or the other of the age-old Cylons-as-machines dilemma.


The thing about this specific war is that it’s becoming clearer and clearer that genocide of one side is the only way it’ll all end; so, you can see why Roslin takes the side she takes, what she’s saying when she recaps the situation and the pain the Cylons have inflicted. Helo’s on the other side of the divide, and while he’s certainly influenced by his relationship with Athena, you can see the point he makes as well. Then, we also have Adama in the middle, and it’s interesting to note that the Admiral, who at one time was about to kill Athena, is now the conflicted one as his son remains steadfast in his distrust of her.

Oh, and there’s Baltar’s projection scene in which he’s simultaneously tortured by D’Anna and seduced by Six. It’s definitely an intriguing visual contrast, and the most compelling aspect of this scene is D’Anna’s reaction; it seems like although she’s built everything upon faith, the virus may have planted a seed of doubt.


EPISODE 8: “Hero”

“It only takes one”. It’s certainly a chilling, yet fitting, line, but the problem is that it’s applied to an Adama backstory episode that seems to mainly serve as an “Oh, Adama’s here! Let’s create drama out of backstory!” episode (I don’t buy him going so far as to submit a letter of resignation). In fact, the writers do better by Tigh throughout by aligning him with Bulldog; they’re both emotionally scarred by war, by the Cylons, and they both would rather soldier on instead of facing their pasts: Tigh and the fact that he killed his wife, and Bulldog and the fact that he was shot down by Adama. Eventually, we get a wonderful scene in which Tigh gives a monologue that captures the pain he’s feeling and the unrelenting bitterness that results.



-Next up: the extended version of “Unfinished Business”. A very fascinating episode that is.

-In this week’s Stupid Resolution, Helo receives no consequences for his actions because something.

-Vaccines! Science! Simple medical solutions! People we like are immune!

-What is this timeline BS? Apparently, Adama and Tigh were on the Valkyrie and the Galactica at the exact same time because the writers forgot.

-Goodbye, Bulldog. I have no idea where you left to, but you did leave.

Photo credit: Syfy, Battlestar Galactica

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