Orphan Black “History Yet to Be Written” Review (3×10)

20 Jun


“I know that whatever comes next, we’ll face it together: as a family.”

No matter how far apart these characters are–whether it be physically or emotionally–what this show always circles back to is the idea of family, of connections between people we love through thick and thin. It comes as no surprise, then, that this is a finale filled with reunions at every turn; eventually, these people will make their way back to each other, even if it takes years and years for that to happen.

On the episode’s funniest note, we have Helena reuniting with Jesse and making out with him in his car, and it’s a short scene that nicely captures the delightfully fun side of her. However, even though this isn’t a scene that has huge implications on the rest of the episode, it’s key to note exactly what causes Helena to put her bang-the-crap-out-of-Jesse desires on hold: she gets a call from her family. A few episodes ago, she was feeling betrayed and pushed aside by her family, but she’s forged a connection so powerful with her sestras that she can’t help but come back. Alison states it the best at the wonderful clone dinner party: they’re all family in one way or another, and the harsh world can be faced head first if they’re doing it together.

It’s not just the clone reunion or Sarah’s reunion with Kira, though. There’s a poignant moment of connection between Cosima and Kendall when the former comes to take blood samples; the latter states that the clones are just “bad copies” of her, but Cosima responds by saying “we’re kind of over the bad copy thing”. She then adds on how the clones all owe Kendall for giving them life, and it’s a beautifully written scene that brings both past and present together. This is, of course, in addition to the revelation that it was Kendall who brought Sarah and Mrs. S together. It’s all coming together, folks, even as the Neolutionists are waiting to bring it all crashing down.

And speaking of the Neolutionists, there’s another reunion at the end of the episode when Rachel sees her mother, Susan Duncan. The final sequence cuts between three sets of mother-daughter pairings, and it’s a nice way to weave different generations together under the umbrella of motherhood. Even though there’s always going to be something to pull them apart, what the show emphasizes is the everlasting power of connection through the past, present, and future. History lives on, even if we might say that it’s yet to be written.



Alison (Tatiana Maslany)


-I wasn’t able to fit Helena-Rudy into the main review, but it’s definitely a brilliant scene. From Helena kicking the duct tape at his face to the final bits of life draining from Rudy’s body, it’s all around well-crafted. I also love the final conversation between the two: Rudy argues “We are just like you, Helena”, but Helena counters by saying “No, you a rapist”. Even though Castor and Leda are similar in more ways than they realize, different characters are, well, fundamentally different. And that’s a key point to understand about this show’s themes.

-Anyone else notice how similar the Rudy-Helena and Sarah-Kira shots are? First, a closeup of the two lying side by side on the ground, then an overhead shot (only difference is that Rudy and Helena are lying down in opposite directions). Nice use of the camera there for sure, as well as in the similarities between the opening and closing shots of the episode.

-Evelyne Brochu did a great job throughout the series, and if Delphine really is dead, then kudos to Brochu for expertly playing both the steely and the vulnerable. We don’t know who shot her yet, but that will obviously be a plot point for next season to delve into. Also, how ’bout that Dr. Nealon worm?

-My main problem with the episode is the sheer abundance of storylines it has to tie up. It does so well enough, but it can be clunky in places.

-Glad to see Krystal is fine.

-More reuniting! Cosima and Delphine kiss one last time.

-Felix kicking down the door is definitely badass.

-I hope we get more Ferdinand next year. He disappeared after the premiere this year, so it would be nice if he were a regular in season 4.

-Any hopes/predictions for next season? I’ll hopefully be able to cover every episode again–no promises, though–as I really enjoyed writing about this season. It could get a bit scattered, but it was never not entertaining. And as always, Tatiana Maslany’s performance will keep me coming back for more.

Photo credit: Orphan Black, BBC America

5 Responses to “Orphan Black “History Yet to Be Written” Review (3×10)”

  1. Linda June 21, 2015 at 7:36 am #

    I really enjoyed it. There were many scenes I had to rewind to watch again like Ferdinand’s rant about the Neolutionistand and hoew they were all now bff’s. Then he tells Sarah and the others to leave because this wasn’t going to be pretty and then telling the guy to stop his whining LOL! I think he was just happy that Rachel was at least still alive and he’s determind to find her. Loved the fight with Helana and Rudy. I chuckled watching Helana with BF Jesse, thinking to myself ummm you have to let him go because he’s due back on the set of Suits lol.

    I do want to know wth is going on with the worm thing. I did not see something like that coming at all. It sorta brings in this horror movie parasite aspect I am not sure I like. I think the Clone main plot is enough without bringing this element into play.

  2. AAlex June 21, 2015 at 8:55 pm #

    Great finale, all the feels……I kept thinking as long as they don’t kill Cosima I’d be good. Nope, total gut punch with Delphine, and I’m afraid she’s gone since that fabulous actress is on 2 other shows, ( I think it’s 2 but for sure at least 1 other show). I really loved Delphine’s development throughout the season and was really hoping for a reconciliation with Cosima. I’m not sure I trust Shay but I guess we’ll find out.
    If Tatiana Maslany is snubbed for an Emmy again, I’m done with award shows for good. I hate that there are only 10 episodes a season, but given how much Tatiana does in every episode, I certainly don’t want her burned out.
    Thanks for your recaps!

    • Linda June 22, 2015 at 5:37 am #

      I agree AAlex, I wasn’t expecting to be sad about Delphine really, but I was.

      I also really couldn’t understand the anger and hate towards Kendall. She was a pawn imo, used for her genetics. I’m glad Sahrah and Ms. S were able to resolve things to be least cordial to her.

  3. #peggyatthemovies June 23, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    While not it’s best season, it definitely had it’s high points and this finale being one of them. Look forward to what’s next – but agree with Linda.. we don’t need a parasite thingy coming into it all.. 🙂 Great reviews all season long!! Cheers.

    • AAlex June 24, 2015 at 8:02 pm #

      I’m afraid the “maggot-bot” will be back based on some interviews I’ve read with the showrunners. While it was a total WTF moment for me, seeing Helena dancing with the severed tail in season 1 was hilarious so maybe it will bring something unexpected?
      Linda- back to your confusion about the hostility towards Kendall, I think it was all back to the fact that she killed her own son-in-law and Mrs. S had never been able to forgive her..
      And Peggy- I agree this season was kind of a slow burn in some aspects, but it’s still one of the best shows on TV with the absolute best actress on TV.

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