Tully Review

18 May

An unglamorous and therefore honest portrayal of motherhood infused with the sardonic wit of Cody’s screenplay. A fantastic Theron is the epitome of exhaustion in every form, but her character also has an admirable, steely-eyed quality to her that makes you care about her love for her kids. Davis, so fantastic in Halt and Catch Fire, drifts in and out of the narrative in an exceedingly bizarre yet endearing fashion. Even though the film doesn’t really stick the landing, that central dynamic is the heart and soul of the story, positing that it’s okay to both let yourself need something or someone and let yourself change.

GRADE: B (so close to that B+)

One Response to “Tully Review”

  1. Ricardo May 18, 2018 at 4:17 pm #

    if you watch deadpool 2, keep your eyes open during the sequences set at the prison. there is a prisoner that looks a lot like theokoles, that gladiator from the first season of spartacus. ive been looking for confirmation online but cannot find anything. seriously, it is theokoles.

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