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The Strain “The Master” Review (1×13)

6 Oct


“Nothing is written that cannot be changed. It is a small world, after all. We made it that way.”

The most frustrating thing about The Strain is that it’s rarely truly great and rarely truly terrible. It’s just fine, and although there’s quite a bit of potential here, questionable writing and flat acting from many of the cast members drags down what could be a very entertaining show (and what was one throughout that whole gas station episode). The season one finale, “The Master”, is simply fine. It’s fun in places, mind-numbingly stupid in others, and alternating between boring and intriguing during the rest.

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The Strain “Creatures of the Night” Review (2×08)

31 Aug


“I need the rules.”

“Creatures of the Night” narrows the focus of the show, and everything’s better off for it: the entertainment value, the action, the directing, the acting, and even the character development. It’s a tightly plotted, sixty minute thrill ride that, for once, doesn’t attempt to try to tackle the situation from a larger scale. The show’s certainly attempting to convey a sense of widespread destruction and chaos, but sometimes, confining the characters to one space ramps up the tension more so than anything else does.

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The Strain “Night Zero” Review (1×01)

14 Jul

The Strain (2014) (left) Mia Maestro as Nora Martinez

Early on in the pilot of Guillermo del Toro’s new series, Corey Stoll’s Dr. Ephraim Goodweather goes on about how a virus and a terrorist are two entirely different beasts. The former serves no purpose other than to find a host and reproduce, whereas the latter at least has an end goal in mind. It’s a key distinction, and it’s one that should play a significant role over the next 12 episodes.

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