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Arrow “My Name Is Oliver Queen” Review (3×23)

14 May


“We won tonight because I wasn’t alone.”

One of the main questions this show has raised recently is: what is this series without the Arrow? This certainly ties into the idea of identity, of who you are when you put on a mask and when you take it off, of what you can become when you sever all ties to your past. The season as a whole has stumbled a bit when attempting to explore this theme and its ramifications, and although “My Name Is Oliver Queen” is certainly a very flawed finale, it’s still an enjoyable exploration of these characters and the bonds they share.

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Arrow “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” Review (3×05)

6 Nov


Well, it’s about time.

After two seasons of seeing Felicity develop into one of the most endearing characters on television, we finally delve into her backstory with “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”, a flawed, yet thoroughly entertaining, episode that features an average script elevated by excellent performances from Emily Bett Rickards and Charlotte Ross.

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Arrow “The Magician” Review (3×04)

29 Oct

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 7.58.14 PM


“Apparently, we both handle grief differently.”

We saw this idea in “Sara” with regards to Felicity and Oliver, and we see it again–albeit in a different context–in “The Magician”. Oliver Queen is someone who always seems to be at a distance from those around him, someone who is intent on protecting those he loves, but also someone who dons a suit and plays the role of a vigilante. It may oftentimes place him on a different wavelength from the people populating his world, but it helps him just as much as it may hurt him.

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Arrow “Sara” Review (3×02)

16 Oct


“I don’t want to die down here.”

“Sara” is an exploration of grief, of the various ways our characters cope with the loss of someone they cared deeply about. It’s also a turning point in the series, a transition period for characters like Laurel and Felicity and Oliver in response to Sara’s death. Death often reminds us of our own mortality, and here, that certainly is the case; death also reminds them of their seeming lack of identity, of the fact that they’ve spent all this time in a high-tech basement, that they’ve done good in the world, but that they’ve done so while they’ve been closed off emotionally from life in general.

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Arrow “The Calm” Review (3×01)

9 Oct


“A man cannot live by two names.”

A dilemma many superheroes must deal with is the question of how to balance a personal and a professional life, how to, in this show’s case, balance Oliver Queen and The Arrow. Throughout the season three premiere, we see that dilemma being applied not only to Oliver, but also to those who’ve come into contact with him, to those who’ve structured much of their lives around him in one form or another.

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Arrow “Unthinkable” Review (2×23)

15 May


“You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you.”

Oliver Queen is a hero, not necessarily because he saves countless lives by destroying his enemies, but because he sticks to his principles and allows himself to grow beyond who he was back on the island. The idea of murder runs rampant in this season, and questions of morality have plagued him ever since he donned the hood and picked up the bow.

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