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Battlestar Galactica Season 4, Episodes 1-3 Review

2 Aug



“If my brother had climbed out of that cockpit, would it matter if he were a Cylon…if he always had been? When all is said and done, would that really change how we feel about him?”

With the reveal of the Final Five, the ideas of loyalty and identity become even more muddled. The series has tackled myriad questions about humanity in relation to the Cylons, but now, it’s clear that those questions are going to get even tougher; now, even a Cylon hater like Colonel Tigh is going to have to grapple with his own self-concept, and he’s intending to fight against himself at any cost. And of course, everyone’s wondering whether Starbuck’s a Cylon or not, and the reintroduction of her character is extremely well done in this episode. It begins with a stunning and marvelously crafted opening sequence, and it ends with a tense standoff between her and Roslin (followed by a stupid “To be continued”, as is the show’s staple).

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