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Boardwalk Empire “Eldorado” Review (5×08)

27 Oct

episode-56-1024“A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever.”

“Eldorado” is about the world moving on, about the world continuing to spin as former powerhouses like Nucky Thompson and Al Capone are left in the dust and newcomers like Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky rise to take control. This changing of the guard is encapsulated by Nucky’s encounter with a “woman from the future” and a primitive television, and it’s a David Lynch-ian scene that represents how the past is becoming the future, how the world is perpetually changing and bringing new generations, how the earth remains forever, but the people don’t.

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Boardwalk Empire “Friendless Child” Review (5×07)

19 Oct


“Dumber than I knew.”

Tony Soprano. Vic Mackey. Walter White. We’ve had our fair share of main characters with empires, characters brought down and crushed under the weights of their own powers, but what those characters don’t seem to have in common with Nucky Thompson is an opportunity to recover some semblance of morality. Yes, Nucky’s lost everything and the future belongs to people like Lansky and Luciano, but there’s a small ounce of redemption to be found here, a true confrontation of the past and all the terrible things he did.

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Boardwalk Empire “Devil You Know” Review (5×06)

13 Oct

boardwalk-empire-devil-you-know“Ain’t nobody ever gonna be free.”

In this environment of violence and corruption and death, power and allegiances may shift, but one thing remains constant: the environment, one that is restricting and cruel, unrelenting and indifferent to the plights of its inhabitants. All empires eventually crumble, and what’s left is the need for survival; what’s left is the question of whether you can make peace with the inevitability of your mortality.

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Boardwalk Empire “King of Norway” Review (5×05)

6 Oct


“Then who will be called to account?”

When many of your characters have murdered and lied and cheated, accountability oftentimes becomes a major theme as a series draws to a close. How will these people face up to what they have done? Are they remorseful? Will they face the consequences? How will they face the consequences? Throughout “King of Norway”, past, present, and future are intertwined as people must decide who they want to be and, in some cases, who they will have to be in order to move on in life.

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Boardwalk Empire “Cuanto” Review (5×04)

28 Sep


That’s more like it. After three weeks of solid, but not quite great, episodes, Boardwalk delivers a thoroughly entertaining hour of television that makes good use of the indelible history seeping up through every orifice of the show’s relationships. Some things never change, indeed, and even though power shifts and people die, the cycle of the environment will always pull you back in.

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Boardwalk Empire “The Good Listener” Review (5×02)

14 Sep


“Live long enough to cash out.”

Nucky Thompson, like Johnny Torrio, is nearing the end of his run, and he’s reminded of that fact at every turn. However, Nucky being the person he is, he won’t get out without finding some way to satisfy the burning greed that resides within his heart, the craving for power that drives people in this environment to kill and retaliate and kill some more. He realizes that if he dies, he’ll open up routes for others to build their own empires, and he’s not having any of that because his legacy needs to be under his own control, not under the mercy of the young up-and-comers.

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Boardwalk Empire “Golden Days for Boys and Girls” Review (5×01)

7 Sep


The season premiere of the final season of Boardwalk Empire is framed by two acts of attempted reinvention, two stories about the same person in two different time periods. We have young Nucky and present-day Nucky, the former getting into the business and the latter attempting to change the business, and through flashbacks, we see just how our main character’s roots developed and why he’s at where he’s at right now.

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