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Mad Men “The Monolith” Review (7×04)

5 May


“This agency has entered the future.”

The actual dismantling of the Creative Lounge is pretty much the perfect encapsulation of not only Don’s crisis, but also of the state of SC&P. Gone are the days of pitches and gone is the essence of true advertising, replaced by fancy computers as the walls metaphorically crumble around Don. Essentially, the new world of advertising breeds fear.

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Mad Men “A Day’s Work” Review (7×02)

21 Apr


“Just write the truth.”

In our modern world–but especially in our business world–power plays an essential role in how we structure our offices, how we deal with clients and move up in the ladder and make our money. That is at the forefront of the proceedings at SC&P: although we may win our small victories, as Bonnie Whiteside says, “our fortunes are in other people’s hands”.

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Mad Men “Time Zones” Review (7×01)

14 Apr


“She knows I’m a terrible husband.”

As we move into the final season of Mad Men, our characters are being stripped down to their most basic parts; no longer do they have anything to hide, for try as they might, they can’t stop the world from spinning and losing them in the shuffle. A sense of exhaustion permeates the atmosphere in “Time Zones”, one that portrays a group of people who’ve been stuck before and are stuck now.

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