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In the Fade Review

11 Jan

Damn, I really wanted to love this. An intense thriller/drama about grief with political undertones and an incredibly talented lead actress? Sign me up. Unfortunately, the film essentially amounts to Diane Kruger doing her absolute best to hold up a flimsy narrative. The first act is easily the strongest, throwing you headfirst into a gut-wrenching scenario defined by confusion, shock, and emptiness. However, it starts to become apparent that Akin’s screenplay isn’t all too capable of exploring its topics in the depth needed to make the story work, as the grief remains too surface level and the conflicts and politics too black and white. Don’t get me wrong, Diane Kruger knows how to kill a reaction shot. I just wish the overall structure of the film were more conducive to a complex and nuanced exploration of grief, revenge, racism, and the justice system. Akin’s decision to dilute his different filmmaking motivations across acts that are all fairly different stylistically does a disservice to each motivation and style. While I’m not completely against the direction the film goes at the end in theory–challenging endings are what I live for–I am definitely against it in the context of a poorly developed thematic narrative leading up to that point. So here, it all just ends up feeling a bit disingenuous and uncomfortable. At least Diane Kruger exists.


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