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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review

5 Aug

This is what everyone who has ever criticized a Tarantino film was talking about.

Sure, we all know the guy’s filmography is comprised of works that are excessive, bloated, overlong, and over the top, but for most of them, that’s all been part of the charm. There’s no doubt that Tarantino has done an almost unparalleled job of breaking conventions, crafting his own distinct style, and making typical negatives work for him as positives. Even a behemoth like The Hateful Eight worked beautifully because 1) It was really fucking entertaining, and 2) The actors could all play off each other at any second. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, both points are so null and void that Tarantino himself couldn’t find them if he rammed his head even further up his rectal cavity. It is a shining example of how maybe those screenplay books that tell you what NOT to do in your screenplay maybe have some merit.

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