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Hannibal “Contorno” Review (3×05)

2 Jul


“If you don’t kill him, you’re afraid you’ll become him.”

The Hannibal Lecter-Will Graham dynamic is one of the most fascinating dynamics on television, and what’s impressive about this show is its ability to develop their relationship through the use of other characters. Last week, we witnessed an episode all about the long-lasting impact Hannibal’s had on a plethora of people, and this week, it all explodes in a truly masterful final sequence. Even though the show’s two main characters aren’t physically by each other–the passionate sex that inevitably will ensue is more of a finale event–the writers still take care to note just how close they are. We see just how tightly the two are entwined, and it only makes the upcoming reunion even more intriguing as a result.

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