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Her Review

30 Dec

her9-blog480Her is the best movie of 2013.

On the surface, it all may seem like nothing more than a gimmick, merely a clever twist on a generic love story that should, say, criticize the modern world’s reliance on technology or wow us with a futuristic comedy.¬† Yet, Jonze presents a world that is very much grounded in reality; it’s more of an evolved present than an imagined future.

The film is fundamentally about evolution, whether it be that of the humans or of the operating systems. One of the great things about¬†Her is the balance struck between the two “species”, if you will; the OSes don’t inhabit any type of body, but it seems as if they’re human; in fact, Samantha (Johansson) endures similar types of problems as Theo (Phoenix) does: a perpetual sense of loneliness, a longing to connect, a longing to enjoy and understand life. You could say Samantha is simultaneously a naive child and a mature, perceptive woman who is able to help Theo open his eyes one more time.

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