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Veronica Mars “Silence of the Lamb”/ “Clash of the Tritons” Review (1×11/1×12)

20 Sep


“Silence of the Lamb” (1×11)

Hi, Aaron Paul! Hi, Max Greenfield! These two play Eddie Laroche and Leo D’Amato, respectively, the former a suspect in the E-String Strangler case and the latter a Deputy working on the case. It’s a storyline that’s a bit more cop-esque than usual, but it’s interesting watching Veronica start to actually fall for Leo as the case progresses. Here’s a guy who stands in direct contrast with the general dickish behavior that Sheriff Lamb’s so great at; he actually listens to Weevil’s “complaints” and seems to have a great rapport with Veronica, but alas, it’s not meant to be at the end. And here, we see that Veronica’s way of doing things certainly has its consequences along with its perks.

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