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Shameless “Rite of Passage” Review (5×05)

8 Feb


“Rite of Passage” is all about transitions, about being caught between an old life and a new life, about becoming stuck in a limbo of sorts as you attempt to figure out where you want to go next in life. After all, that’s what a rite of passage is: an event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another. We see the past and the present clash with each other throughout this episode, and in fine Shameless form, it’s yet another entertaining episode punctuated by poignant and genuine moments.

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Shameless “A Night to Remem… Wait, What?” Review (5×04)

1 Feb


One of the calling cards for the Shameless gang seems to be an undercurrent of unease and uncertainty. The Gallaghers and co. embark on a plethora of wacky adventures every week, and while it can be highly entertaining watching them do so, what grounds them is a growing understanding that this kind of lifestyle isn’t all sunshine and roses. In fact, the very title of this episode is a perfect encapsulation of this idea: we see characters having “nights to remember”, but then, the realization hits them; the “Wait, what?” hits them.

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Shameless “The Two Lisas” Review (5×03)

25 Jan


Shameless can be uncomfortable and disturbing and wacky and darkly hilarious, but what makes it special is its ability to turn those moments into something heartfelt, something poignant. It doesn’t just focus on the joke aspect of a situation; it also explores the ramifications of certain actions on certain individuals, and as a result, it creates a distinct style and balance for itself that is rare among television shows.

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Shameless “I’m the Liver” Review (5×02)

18 Jan


“I’m not just chaos. I’m better. I’ve changed. I think I could be really good for you.”

Last season saw Fiona Gallagher digging herself deeper and deeper into a dark hole, and although last week’s premiere displayed a happy and carefree woman, “I’m the Liver” delves back into the traits that led to that downward spiral. Although Fiona is laughing and flirting and smiling now, that doesn’t necessarily change who she is deep down; she may certainly be working to improve her life and her relationships, but she tends to overlook her more dangerous side in favor of a more optimistic viewpoint.

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Shameless “Milk of the Gods” Review (5×01)

11 Jan


Season four of Shameless was one of the most impressive television seasons I have seen in a long time. It still brought the laughs, but it also really delved into who these characters were and how they responded to hardship. It was brilliantly acted, heartbreaking, and triumphant, and it solidified the show as one of the best on TV. As we move into season five, there’s a clear shift in tone from the heartrending drama of last year to a more carefree, rebuilding atmosphere, and although the premiere isn’t perfect, it’s still a great reintroduction to the Gallaghers’ lives.

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Shameless “Lazarus” Review (4×12)

7 Apr


It may seem like hope is rare, but when you experience it, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Hope is something that’s eluded a number of Gallaghers this year on Shameless, a year that’s been dark and relentless and, for the most part, unforgiving; this isn’t the same show we saw in the pilot, but it recognizes that even amidst the pain, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Shameless “Emily” Review (4×11)

31 Mar


Shameless has always been excellent when it comes to juggling comedic and dramatic storylines, and this episode proves it; simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming, it manages to provide our characters with some much-needed resolutions while setting up for the finale.

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