Shameless “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” Review (4×10)

23 Mar


“I don’t want to be another Frank or Monica.”

The one thing that might help prevent this from happening is Fiona’s support system: her family. As much as this mistake’s cost her much of the goodwill she’s built up over the years, people like Debbie, Carl, and Lip will always be there for her, much like she was there for them for so many years.

That idea is hammered in throughout this episode, whether it be through Debbie taking control of the search or Lip driving to Wisconsin to take Fiona home. Over the past few weeks, Lip’s anger has been justified, but that anger was certainly one of the contributing factors to Fiona’s downward spiral; last week’s verbal beat-down by Robbie’s sister was merely the catalyst. Unsurprisingly, Fiona returns to Robbie at the beginning of this episode as she’s getting black-out drunk and high, continuing to perpetuate that sense of self-destruction as she keeps going back to the mess.

However, Lip. Oh, Lip, how I love you. His conversation in the car with her is very emotionally resonant, reflecting two people who’ve known and loved each other for a long time; the incident with Liam will always occupy a gaping hole in their relationship, but he recognizes the dangerous, dangerous situation she’s in, giving her a bit of reassurance and confidence as she heads off to jail. The worst thing for Fiona isn’t necessarily being in jail; rather, it’s being alienated from the rest of her family, that one thing she’s kept together and has kept her together. The season’s done a nice job of conveying that “prisoner in her own house” sense, and as she heads off to actual prison next week, I’m actually a bit hopeful, hopeful Lip’s words can help her pull it together just enough to make it through this ordeal.

This episode seems to be about hitting rock bottom, but finding some hope amidst the darkness. We see that with Fiona, but we also see it with Frank, who’s somehow moved to the top of the wait list for a liver transplant because, something? I normally wouldn’t be happy with this kind of contrivance, but I’m glad that it comes on the heels of his kidney being stolen. Obviously, from a human perspective, that’s a bit callous, but from a character and plot perspective, that situation was definitely too easy. Now, though, I’m looking forward to what happens with the character, especially with how the kids deal with it (good acting during the wedding scene, which is also very nice).

The simple truth is that the Gallaghers can push through. I fear we’re not out of the woods just yet, but they’re working on it.



-Oh, Carl. Bonnie’s perfect for you, but you’re in over your head. I like how the episode continues to shade in Bonnie’s character a bit, revealing her to be from a family that’s even worse off than his own.

-Nice seeing Mickey call Ian out this week.

-Emmy Rossum, fantastic as always. Every time I see Fiona, I just want to give her a big hug.

-“13 years old and bringing a shiv to class.” “I miss high school.”

-“Now excuse me while I go to Walmart, and get baby wipes and rash cream.” –Kevin, after armed robbery

-Speaking of, I love the Kevin-Veronica storyline this week, what with the delivery and the moment in which Kevin hugs her after firing the gun. Their relationship is fantastic.

-“Sweetie, let mommy do her drug deal, honey.”

-“My dad’s about to die, and he’s getting married.” That’s Shameless for you.

Photo credit: Shameless, Showtime

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