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Sleepy Hollow “This Is War” Review (2×01)

22 Sep

329bf17049bf434cc335685053d15a89“This is war.”

The greatest thing about Sleepy Hollow is the fact that while in every episode, it can let loose and embrace the insanity, it never loses sight of the heart of the show: the central Abbie-Ichabod dynamic. Within the first 5 minutes of “This Is War”, we get a very poignant conversation between the two in which they acknowledge their history, acknowledge what they’ve meant to each other┬ásince they’ve met, and acknowledge their future together. Of course, this is all happening while the writers are screwing with us. Continue reading

Sleepy Hollow “Indispensable Man/Bad Blood” Review (1×12/1×13)

20 Jan

Sleepy-Hollow-TV-Series-image-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-36428397-595-412This is not what I expected this show to turn out to be.

What I expected was a mediocre, cliched, and utterly silly hour each week, but what I got was a highly entertaining, well-crafted, and downright fantastic show that I look forward to. The finale only cements the show’s reputation.

The first episode is more of a set-up, but it’s still filled with intriguing moments; for example, the show does a great job of showing us that Ichabod and Abbie are different people. Although they’re on a similar mission, they each have people they love. They each can sometimes let their own desires and their own agendas seep into their decision-making process, as we see when Ichabod memorizes the map. There’s a moral complexity to this two-part finale that I find incredibly compelling, and while Ichabod does make up with Abbie later on, it still foreshadows a bit more tension later on.

Continue reading

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