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Battlestar Galactica Season 3, Episodes 10-12 Review

11 Jun


The Algae Planet Arc

EPISODES COVERED: “The Passage” (3×10), “The Eye of Jupiter” (3×11), “Rapture” (3×12)

This show is still entirely capable of crafting compelling, entertaining stories, but the foundation for those stories is oftentimes so flimsy that you can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Take “The Passage”‘, for example, which pulls an entire backstory for Kat out of thin air–not to mention the food shortage as well–just in time for her to die of radiation poisoning. It’s a “Hero” concept all over again, and that only happened two episodes ago.

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Battlestar Galactica Season 2, Episodes 13-16 Review

27 Aug


ARC 5: “This is what happens when you have to make 20 episodes a season”

EPISODES COVERED: “Epiphanies”, “Black Market”, “Scar”, “Sacrifice”

I will begin this review in medias res. Does it help? Does it improve your reading experience? Does it give you Breaking Bad flashbacks? Speaking of flashbacks, let us now flashback to the time when I began this review, spend a few unnecessary minutes there, do it again at various intervals throughout the review, and then assume that it’ll make everything more complex and intriguing moving forward. I’ll see you back here in 42 minutes after you’ve wasted your time.

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