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The Leftovers “The Book of Kevin” Review (3×01)

16 Apr

“We can’t just be going through all this for nothing, man.”

Most of these characters are probably thinking something along these lines. After all, this series is built upon faith, upon belief, upon the everlasting search for meaning in an increasingly confusing world. This is something that’s been well established over the course of the first two seasons, and it’s out in full force in the season three premiere. This episode wants to throw us back into the show’s world, but it also wants to paint a portrait of what essentially amounts to mass soul searching. We see an entire town that’s surprisingly content with the idea of an impending apocalypse, and we see people reverting to old patterns while other issues bubble to the surface. All of these are in service of something greater–or so they believe–and it’s a universal feeling that the series taps into here.

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The Leftovers “Ten Thirteen” Review (2×09)

30 Nov


“It’s pointless.”

How appropriate. The show returns to this knock knock joke from the beginning of the season in “Ten Thirteen”, this time telling it in a Meg context as she sits on a bench with Evie. It’s a dumb joke that also plays as a nihilistic statement, as an encapsulation of many of the storylines of the show. It’s the central statement of Meg’s storyline, one that has become increasingly prominent as time has progressed.

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The Leftovers “International Assassin” Review (2×08)

22 Nov


“Holy shit.”

Holy shit is right. This is undoubtedly going to be a polarizing episode for the viewers, but it’s one that gripped me from start to finish. It’s both hilarious and absolutely devastating, and it rides a trippy wave of energy as it plunges deep into the show’s supernatural elements. It’s not an episode that takes us on a “WTF?” journey just for the sake of it; it’s also a character and theme study that deftly brings us back to the beginning of the season. Goddamn, this hour is a pleasure to watch unfold.

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The Leftovers “A Most Powerful Adversary” Review (2×07)

15 Nov


“It was finally over. That’s freedom.”

So far this year, The Leftovers has focused on the concept of faith, on why we feel the need to believe as we navigate the often illogical world around us. “A Most Powerful Adversary” reemphasizes that point, but it also delves into our desires to simply escape, to just end things and be free of the worries that have constantly plagued us. The central figure for this exploration is Kevin Garvey, someone who has tried before to escape and has felt a heavy weight on his shoulders since the beginning of this all.

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The Leftovers “No Room at the Inn” Review (2×05)

1 Nov


The Leftovers revolves around faith: faith in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation, faith and its potential erosion over time, faith and the capability of humans to find something within nothing. Matt Jamison is someone who can believe, someone who has to believe, and “No Room at the Inn” takes us down a devastating and fascinating path as he grapples with the world around him. It’s my favorite episode of the season thus far, and it’s the show at its best.

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The Leftovers “Orange Sticker” Review (2×04)

25 Oct


“There are no miracles in Miracle.”

Once again, The Leftovers tackles the desire to explain the unexplainable, to feel 100% about various beliefs, actions, or events. “Orange Sticker” takes a look at people who believe one way, but ultimately crumble under the weight of the world they live in now. It’s an interesting episode both plot-wise and theme-wise, and it features an absolutely stellar Carrie Coon performance throughout.

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