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Wilfred “Patterns” Review (4×06)

24 Jul


Patterns are means by which we can find some sense of normalcy in a crazy world, and even if the pattern happens to be self-destructive or at the detriment of others or just plain dumb, we tend to want to return to what we know, to what we’ve seen before. For, any semblance of uncertainty can throw us for a loop, sending us on a spiral downward before a pattern pulls us back up again. Temporarily.

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Wilfred “Forward” Review (4×05)

17 Jul


It’s time to see things from the dog’s perspective. In “Forward”, we operate under the assumption that Wilfred truly is is own entity, that he has his own way of looking at things, that his way of looking at things isn’t just a twist on Ryan’s views. As a result, it’s a nice and refreshing take on things, but it also signifies a desire to bide time on the part of the writers.

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Wilfred “Answers” Review (4×04)

10 Jul

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 2.44.07 PM

“The idea was to make your worst fears come true.”

When Wilfred gets really trippy, it’s one of television’s most entertaining and compelling shows. Sometimes, it can be too confusing for its own good, but the show’s always able to craft a very unique ambience on screen, regardless of story or laughs. “Answers” is a fun, disorienting ride through Ryan’s headspace, and it emphasizes one aspect of his character that continually holds him back: fear.

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Wilfred “Loyalty” Review (4×03)

3 Jul


“You’re a pretty amazing horrible sister, too.”

Kristen was far from the most endearing character early on in the show’s run, but the writers slowly started to shade her in and build upon the foundation of her being Ryan’s sister. In “Loyalty”, she reverts to the behavior she was known for in the past, but thankfully, it doesn’t prevent the episode from being thoroughly enjoyable.

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Wilfred “Amends”/ “Consequences” Review (4×01/4×02)

26 Jun

zap-wilfred-season-4-premiere-amends-consequen-004Wilfred is a show that, recently, has started to rely more on mystery than on comedy to drive the story. It’s always had this mysterious aura to it, but last season ramped that up to a whole new level; it was still enjoyable, but there were a few more problems in season 3 than in seasons 1 and 2. As we open the final season, though, we get a nice dose of both mystery and comedy, and it’s a refreshing start to the show’s endgame.

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