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Friday Night Lights “Expectations” Review (5×01)

26 Aug


With change comes expectation, whether that change is for the better or for the worse. When you say goodbye and enter a new phase of your life, there’s always an idea in your head of how it should or how you hope it will turn out: will the transition be smooth or rocky? Will you go out in a blaze of glory or in a whimper? Are you ready?

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66th Primetime Emmy Awards Live Blog

25 Aug


All times central.

7:05-Sheldon is not worth one penny, but you get a point for calling out the idiocy that was the How I Met Your Mother finale.

7:09-And the monologue is over. How many HBO jokes was that? 99? Coincidentally, that’s also the number of nominations HBO garnered.

7:11-I’m so, so sorry, Andre Braugher. Also, this Ty Burrell speech reminds me of Steve Carell’s Golden Globe speech about his wife. By the way, Steve Carell never won an Emmy.

7:17-Well deserved, Louis CK. If I could choose, you’d win every award.

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True Blood “Thank You” Review (7×10)

25 Aug


Thank you, True Blood, for finally limping off the air after seven seasons, and thank you for doing it in quite possibly the worst way possible. Seriously, what is this? Does this show enjoy making its audience lower expectations so far that we can see the pile of shit that is the Dexter finale staring accusingly at us? Are the writers deliberately trolling the entire fan base, or are they legitimately horrible writers? I pick the latter. I have multiple seasons of evidence, after all.

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The Leftovers “The Garveys at Their Best” Review (1×09)

25 Aug


“A man said to the universe, ‘Sir, I exist'”. 

“However,” the universe replied, “that fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”

“The Garveys at Their Best” makes its point known from the irony inherent in the title. Prior to the Sudden Departure, the Garveys were already a broken family, a group of people apparently fine from the outside but straining when you looked closer, and what resulted from October 14th was an extension off of what already existed. That, fittingly, is why people throughout this episode seem to sense that something terrible is about to happen.

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Polar Bears Watch TV’s One Year Anniversary

23 Aug


Society giving me a thumbs-up ^^

Thanks, everyone. You know who you are. It’s been a blast this past year, from the very first review–Orange Is the New Black Season 1–to the last, and I’ve certainly grown as a writer and as a thinker over these last 365 days and 425 posts. The fact that I have more posts than days in a year is a reflection of me having too much time on my hands, and the amount of spam comments I’ve had filtered out–a lot–ensures that the Internet is working perfectly.

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Rectify “Unhinged” Review (2×10)

21 Aug


Finales are supposed to provide endings. Court cases are supposed to go one way or the other. When we leave, we’re supposed to start a new life and close off our old one. However, life simply doesn’t work like that; it’s a constant barrage of revolving doors, of perceived endings and desired outcomes backfiring on you. It’s not to say that you should have a cynical worldview, but rather that you shouldn’t be surprised when an outlined resolution of yours ends up holding no weight. This is what happens to the characters in “Unhinged”, the season’s moving finale about the difficulty of moving forward.

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The Bridge “Lamia” Review (2×07)

20 Aug


“Sometimes I think it wouldn’t be so bad for it to be over.”

Fausto Galvan is the most important player in the show right now, but he’s the one most removed from the action; he’s still in that speedboat warehouse, suddenly overcome with a desire to see Norway and seemingly at his most vulnerable. Perhaps that’s a comment on the endless cycle of violence here and what happens when you cease participation for a while: you’re left with yourself and your past to mull over, and that cycle never relinquishes its grasp on your psyche. The violence is what keeps him going because it’s what he knows.

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