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Wilfred “Patterns” Review (4×06)

24 Jul


Patterns are means by which we can find some sense of normalcy in a crazy world, and even if the pattern happens to be self-destructive or at the detriment of others or just plain dumb, we tend to want to return to what we know, to what we’ve seen before. For, any semblance of uncertainty can throw us for a loop, sending us on a spiral downward before a pattern pulls us back up again. Temporarily.

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The Bridge “Sorrowsworn” Review (2×03)

23 Jul


The Bridge is at its best when it’s embracing the unique world that’s been built up, the intriguing characters and the unsettling, strange mood hanging over every scene. When it descended into a fairly black-and-white revenge plot last season, much of the world-building was put on hold, but thankfully, “Sorrowsworn” is another step in the right direction.

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Nathan For You “Liquor Store/Exterminator/Car Wash” Review (2×04)

23 Jul


“You’ve done this before. You’re a business major. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Perhaps no other line better sums up Nathan For You than this one. Every week, it’s hilarious watching each person go along with whatever crazy plan “Very Good Grades” Fielder’s concocted, trusting his “expertise” as he slowly crafts whatever situation he wants to craft. In “Liquor Store/Exterminator/Car Wash”, we see someone who simply does whatever Nathan asks; as much as people usually believe at first, they’re later skeptical, but this man listens and implements without question.

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The Leftovers “B.J. and the A.C.” Review (1×04)

21 Jul


Pictures are snapped every day with a rapidity that makes you wonder: “Will I ever really look at this?” The answer may be yes, but oftentimes, it’s the other way around; yet, that doesn’t prevent us from pulling out the phone at every chance we get and attempting to capture a fleeting moment in our lives. For, we’re a species that craves the feeling of a tangible object, a physical representation of the memories that perpetually accumulate over the years.

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Friday Night Lights “In the Skin of a Lion”/ “A Sort of Homecoming” Review (4×03/4×04)

21 Jul


Dear Coach Taylor,

I wish I could give you all the money you need for your team, you wonderful man. I don’t know why everyone isn’t already throwing him or herself at your feet, trying to kiss that amazing personality, whether or not they think of you as their dad or their boyfriend or both. Have you ever thought about a job at the Landing Strip? Wear just your cap and your jacket of fatherly goodness, emblazoned with the lives you’ve touched and a “Tami Taylor is always right” sticker that never comes off. She’s always got your back, and you’ve always got hers. Compromise. It’s a beautiful thing, even when you’re lying about that damn personal check.

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Rectify “Act as If” Review (2×05)

18 Jul


“Act as if you belong here.”

Prison deprives you of a “normal” life, and while sometimes, you may deserve the punishment, for innocent people who’ve lost years for something they didn’t do, it’s especially devastating to look back and realize that they were failed by the law, that there were things they didn’t get to do because of a flawed system. Daniel isn’t someone who holds any deep-seated grudges, but there’s been a gradual build of frustration within him, an, as I put it last week, accumulation of weights piled onto his shoulders.

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Friday Night Lights “East of Dillon”/ “After the Fall” Review (4×01/4×02)

17 Jul

400 Coach East Dillon

Everything looks different! It’s East Dillon and West Dillon as we open the fourth season of Friday Night Lights, and although there are a number of major contrivances–it really seems as if East Dillon springs up from nowhere–it’s clear that the show’s going to use this new status quo to explore different characters, different schools, and various racial and class tensions. Season 1 placed Coach Taylor into a new and sometimes hostile environment, but season 4 places him in a situation in which he has no foundation to build upon. The pieces aren’t in place; he has to find them and put them together.

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