The Newsroom “Election Night, Part 1” Review (2×08)

10 Sep


Part 1 of the two part season finale feels like exactly what it is: a setup for the fireworks next week. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does allow for some more of the frustrating aspects of the show to seep in. This review is going to be shorter than usual, as I need some sleep, so I’ve condensed everything down into a few bullet points.

-The reason given for Leona not accepting the team’s resignations-maintaining a sense of honor-feels kind of cheap, and I don’t buy it for her character in particular. In addition, why don’t the team members just accept the fact that she won’t allow them to resign, and focus their attention on rebuilding their reputations? Will doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s just going to back down and acquiesce to corporate politics.

-The episode is full of side stories, most of which aren’t very good. No, I’m not really interested in the Wikipedia screw up (Sorkin also pretty much got the whole concept wrong there, anyway), and no, I’m not interested in Will and Mac’s relationship. This was hashed over enough back in season 1, and there’s no use going back to it now. Please don’t have them get back together, Sorkin.

-I did kind of like Sloan’s side story, though, about the whole book autograph scare. It’s unnecessary, but Olivia Munn makes it fun to watch.

-I’ve mentioned that I love the Genoa arc, and I still do. It reflects the difficulties of a group of people working together to tell the news, and it seems genuine. That’s why I like the election coverage in this episode. Sure, it can get tiring after a while, but it seems grounded in a way the show usually isn’t.

-Oh, and Jerry Dantana is suing Don, and Maggie cut her hair very recently. Okay.

-Reese’s long explanation for why Leona won’t accept the resignations is priceless.

-I like the integration of the two Romney campaign women, as they’re much better suited to this role than a stupid romance arc on a bus.

-AARON SORKIN’S IDEALISTIC CORNER: So, Charlie gives a whole speech about how everyone looks up to America due to our elections. Okay, first of all, America is not this perfect country, and from my experience, many other countries are perfectly content to agree with that. America is generally seen as a snobby, rich country, and its elections are not viewed as inspiring. The concept behind our elections is fantastic, but the elections themselves are kind of terrible. Second of all, Charlie lists a bunch of countries with already functioning democracies, which doesn’t really support his argument. Those countries don’t necessarily look up to America; they look up to democracy. Charlie could’ve listed countries in which many people are envious of those with democratic governments. Those people are the ones that are inspired.

Grade: B

Credit to HBO and The Newsroom for all pictures. I own nothing.

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