New Girl “Double Date” Review (3×03)

2 Oct

627-2Just some quick bullets coming up…

-Obviously, the main object of attention in this episode is Schmidt’s storyline. I find this whole storyline so understandable, yet so frustrating. I’d argue that it’s actually necessary for Schmidt because honestly, is he the kind of person that’s going to just scrap his current way of life and begin anew? He needs this, and perhaps Jess and Nick need it as well. I think the reason we find it frustrating is because we don’t need it. Schmidt being an absolute dick is not something we need to see, and it certainly isn’t pleasant to watch. That’s totally understandable, too. I think a major part of our problems with this episode stems from the complete tonal shift at the end (before that Jess-Nick perfection, anyway). It just seems so dark, so not New Girl, and so not what we want to see. It all depends on how the writers handle this.

-I continue to love the Jess-Nick dynamics. Whether it be them engaging in some simple country lawyer role play, sharing hidden secrets about themselves, having no-kiss sex, or just driving in a car, they are a constant source of blissful happiness.

-Winston’s arc is once again hilarious, but I can’t help but feel bad for him. The sight of him alone at that table, as well as the other patrons sarcastically clapping after he remarks that he has friends, is a one-two sucker punch amidst all the hilarity.

-“I bought 10,000 minutes in 1999 and I’m still using them.”

-Nick’s happy dance is awesome.

-“I’m not convinced I know how to read. I just memorized a bunch of words.”

-The whole “I’m going to break you up” stuff is really, really strange. I’m tentative about this road the show is taking here.

-See ya, Elizabeth. Merritt Wever did some fantastic work on this show, and she’ll be missed.

-“I will break the two of you up when you least expect it, or when you most expect it…which may be when you least expect it….”

-Nick is a “Crumb bum” and “Long Island Street Trash.”

-“I am sexually attracted to ladybugs.”

-“I think horses are from outer space.” “I do too!” “Okay, good.”

-“You think you can have a bunch of wives? You get 1 wife! It’s the way the world works!” “WHY?!” “…I don’t know.”


Credit to FOX and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.



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