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New Girl “Mars Landing” Review (3×20)

25 Mar


Nick and Jess first kissed back in “Cooler”, and that began an excellently handled relationship arc that brought us laughs, tears, and full-on awkwardness. Yet, all good things are bound to come to an end sometime.

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New Girl “Prince” Review (3×14)

2 Feb

adf3fb50a6094258c2fd299aff524292Hey, it’s the show after the Super Bowl! Man, how many of you were just wishing the game would end so we could get to some fun TV? I sure was.

Obviously, New Girl is playing to a broader audience here, so understandably, some of the characterizations and scenarios themselves have to be broadened. Ultimately, it all does feel a bit contrived, but I do think the Nick-Jess “I love you” scenario works in the context of this being a post-Super Bowl episode. I get the feeling that the words have been said before, but they apparently haven’t been, so whatever.

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New Girl “Thanksgiving III” Review (3×10)

26 Nov

1e367419f3b3446ec40f01e1ca7052afHoliday episodes are outlets for full ensemble antics; they’re easy ways to get the whole gang together, celebrating a day and modeling around it. As for this particular episode, it’s a sweet, funny way to close out the 2013 year for New Girl (I have no idea why there isn’t a Christmas episode this year).

Several of the criticisms of this season have been valid; for example, the Nick-Jess relationship can become a bit too saccharine at times, and the Winston character is usually relegated to the C-plots. However, this episode strikes a nice balance between character and funny. I think the show’s certainly self-aware about the Winston stuff; there are a few more lines about him not getting a say in anything and the loss of the opportunity to make the craziest mugs, man. It’s good that the show is finally starting to remedy that; last week, Winston related with a stranger, and this week, he relates with someone he knows. He normally isn’t able to find much validation from others, and we’re hopefully moving in the right direction.

As for Nick and Jess, I’ve seen growth. There’s a part of Nick that is still surprised that he even has a relationship, so understandably, he overcompensates–catching a dead fish and having a “real” Thanksgiving–because he never wants it to end. The other part of him is more grounded–he tells Jess he doesn’t want her to patronize him, for example. This relationship hasn’t just turned him into a carbon copy of Jess; if it had, it wouldn’t have worked out.

However, I do feel like Coach is taking on a bit too many of Schmidt’s characteristics, one of them being his confidence. It’s nice to see Schmidt start to move on, but I don’t want a similar wooing plot in the future from Coach; still, I’m happy Cece’s getting more screen time.

All in all, it’s an entertaining episode that, while its plot is very meandering, is an effective way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the New Girl folk.



-Delirious Jess is a delight. “I’m out of the office ’til Friday, for immediate assistance, please call Deb at extension A.C. Slater.”

-“Head first? Why?!”

-“My tolerance for alcohol has gotten really low. I drank 3 beers and I got all giggly and tired, and I didn’t want a fourth. I think I’m losing it; last night I had a dream I was brushing a horse.” So many gems from Jake Johnson tonight.

-“We walked all the way to Oregon?” “That explains the cramp…”

-Real men are on the bottom. Nothing purple grows in nature. George Washington hunted and milked his cats.

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New Girl “Menus” Review (3×08)

12 Nov

627-29Well, it looks like the show is on a groove. This week marks the second Coach episode, and it’s one of the funniest episodes to date. I’ve seen some grumblings about Coach, but I wouldn’t be so quick to jump the gun. First of all, Damon Wayans Jr. is absolutely hilarious. Second, on a character level, the show has a fantastic opportunity here; it’s just a matter of how well it’s executed.

Coach isn’t just a new presence in the loft; he’s flashier and more experienced. So far, we’ve seen him give advice to the others and call them out when they need it, and it’s a welcome change because these aren’t people that normally venture out of their comfort zones. We saw Winston stand up for himself last week due to Coach’s teasing, and that’s essentially what Coach does: he’s over the top, but it’s that personality that the others look up to. Coach fitting in better could cause Winston to reevaluate his place in the group and work to achieve something.

Do I wish Winston had more to do before? Yes. However, given the situation with his character, I feel like expanding on the Winston-Coach dynamic would help him. The writers haven’t wanted to expand on his relationships with the others, so this is the best we have. I really, really hope it leads somewhere other than Winston’s regular superfluous side stories.

As for the rest of the episode, Zooey Deschanel does amazing work as Conservation Jess, conveying the frustration of the situation and the traits that make her who she is. Her hot dog speech is comedy gold, as well as her anger at the restaurant owner as he’s closing the door (“I’m gonna burn down your building! I won’t do that, I won’t do that.”). As for Nick, I love seeing him interact with Coach; their dumpling fight is the best thing ever.



-“You’ll be able to see your abs.” “I thought God just didn’t give me those.”

-“What’s up, Jason Street?” Oh man, this FNL reference makes my week.

-“I ain’t a quitter. IRONSIDE!”

-“Remember when you sat out that game because you were sad?” “I was also cold.”

-Ghostbusters sign.

-“I’m old-fashioned, Coney Island fat strong.”

-“Are you a doer or a dumpling-er?”

-Jess’s reaction to compliments is adorable.

-“PEANUTS stands for ‘Physical Education Activity Nuts!”

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New Girl “Coach” Review (3×07)

5 Nov

627-23Just a few quick thoughts…

-I like Winston finally standing up for himself at the end. As much as his random subplots are hilarious, his character should be fleshed out a bit more due to the presence of Coach, a guy that seemingly fits in better with the group than Winston himself does. This is a good opportunity to make him more of a character.

-Damon Wayans, Jr. also does great work as Coach here; he’s a bit more likeable than he was in the pilot, and although the group dynamics aren’t entirely sound, he’s a great addition to the cast. Also, I miss Happy Endings.

-Also, some nice subtle work done with Schmidt this week through his interactions with Nick (he’s unable to delineate why he’s mad at Nick); it feels like he’s moving in the right direction to take full responsibility for his previous actions, except, of course, when he’s arguing about Raiders of the Lost Ark.

-Taye Diggs is delightful here; also, he’s sure to make anyone feel a little something. I’m straight, but I can recognize how gorgeous he is.

-I like how the main plot isn’t just “Jess is angry at Nick because she’s afraid he’ll get it on with some strippers”. It was more that she can’t go and hang out with everyone else, in addition to the fact that Nick can’t call her his girlfriend in front of them. It takes a tired sitcom trope and made it a little better.

-It’s frustrating to watch Cece sabotage her friend’s relationship here. While she’s justified in stating her opinions, it’s not the right thing to say to Jess at the time; I’m glad she reverts on her feelings at the end.

-“Hey, did you hear the joke about the two white guys and the two black guys who walked into a police station? The white guys walked out.”

-The guys’ drunken slapfest outside of the police station is hilarious as well.

-“Put on pants?” Also, Nick throws pizza at seagulls.

-The other great Nick/Jess exchange, aside from their last one, is early on when they’re arguing about the strip club with Coach looking on. Jake Johnson’s various facial expressions throughout that scene are absolutely perfect, and I love his emphatic “I’m REALLY sorry!”

“Huh… I thought I watched that alone.”

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New Girl “Keaton” Review (3×06)

23 Oct

627-13Just a few quick bullets…

-This is a fantastic episode, both hilarious and emotionally resonant. It’s primarily a Schmidt-Nick episode, modeling everything else around their relationship. Both Greenfield and Johnson do great work here in both the flashbacks and present day, and the episode culminates in a sweet scene outside between Schmidt and Nick that brings everything to the forefront.

-I also like that Nick’s way in college of dealing with Schmidt’s suspicions was to knock him out. It’s hilarious, but it also gets at an underlying character development; now, Nick’s matured enough so that he can truly face others. Much as Schmidt needed the idea of Keaton, Nick needed to be Keaton; he wanted to be that Batman-type figure, but he couldn’t bring himself out of the shadows.

-The whole Michael Keaton concept could have staled pretty quickly, but the show is able to keep things moving and based upon character foundations, making sure it doesn’t tumble into the wells of cliche.

-It’s a nice, organic way to transition Schmidt out for now and bring in Coach. It’s understandable why he moves out, albeit a bit frustrating, but it’s a well-done storyline. And, he took the jar!

-I’m glad we see some more of Cece this week. She’s a big part of Schmidt’s actions and his thought process, and she’s been missed the last few weeks. Also, it’s nice to see two friends just sitting down and talking about what’s going on, and of course, “Batman-mobile.”

-“I guess I’ll always be the fat boy who eats fat-boy cheese.”

-“It is his entire acting philosophy, which I made up.”

-“What about when we met Michael Keaton at that deli, and he winked at us?” “I… I don’t know. Honestly that was the greatest day of my life.”

-The costumes are fantastic: Public Serpent, Joey Ramona Quimby, David Letterman, and Paper Mountain Trash….it’s just trash from his car.

-Jessica Damn Day.

-keatonpotatoes@aol.com is absolute genius.

-Winston and his thinking he watched The Truman Show is comedy gold.

-“Yes, I stole that from Nelson Mandela. I added the part about the Penguin and the Riddler.”

-“I’m simple, like Hemingway!”

-Michael Keaton helped Schmidt with his public erections.


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Tuesday Comedy Roundup-New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

16 Oct

627-5NEW GIRL, “THE BOX” (3×05)

Nick Miller is a guy with not much direction in his life, and this episode nicely reflects this idea; he avoids his bills, he doesn’t really understand how finances work, and he wants to play the saxophone in an alley while Jess walks by in a mini skirt, with a gem-studded purse. We’re starting to see signs of focus from him, but it still takes Jess a while to get him to do so. I’m glad she doesn’t set a quota here, as Nick isn’t the kind of person that’s going to live up to it; instead, the storyline culminates in a sweet, anti-bank “protest” at the end of the episode.

In addition to this, we have Schmidt trying to become a good person. I do like that Jess comes right out and states Schmidt’s transgression, and it helps motivate him to help a biker in need. Yet, as expected, the storyline doesn’t do much for him, but it’s a step in the right direction. The C-plot involves Winston, who strangely disappears for much of the episode; however, the final tag is a fantastic gag involving a candelabra and genies.


627-7BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, “The Vulture” (1×05)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine really seems to be finding itself and its characters, and its unique voice is now shining through, illuminating one of the best new shows of the year. This particular episode involves “The Vulture” (also known as Dennis Duffy from 30 Rock), a cop who swoops in and steals cases; Peralta takes offense to this and tries to vulture his own case. The episode does a nice job highlighting the virtues of having such a wonderful cast; Peralta’s team plays nicely off each other, especially with a running gag in regards to women having hairdryers in their purses.

In our B-plot, we have the wonderful trio of Braugher/Peretti/Crews, three actors whose characters shouldn’t work together, but do. They highlight each others’ differences, and each shines in a sweet storyline, one in which Holt just wants to help his friend.

Ultimately, the gears are fully oiled and running for this show, and hopefully we see some upticks in the ratings soon.


Credit to FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.

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