Tuesday Comedy Roundup-New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

16 Oct

627-5NEW GIRL, “THE BOX” (3×05)

Nick Miller is a guy with not much direction in his life, and this episode nicely reflects this idea; he avoids his bills, he doesn’t really understand how finances work, and he wants to play the saxophone in an alley while Jess walks by in a mini skirt, with a gem-studded purse. We’re starting to see signs of focus from him, but it still takes Jess a while to get him to do so. I’m glad she doesn’t set a quota here, as Nick isn’t the kind of person that’s going to live up to it; instead, the storyline culminates in a sweet, anti-bank “protest” at the end of the episode.

In addition to this, we have Schmidt trying to become a good person. I do like that Jess comes right out and states Schmidt’s transgression, and it helps motivate him to help a biker in need. Yet, as expected, the storyline doesn’t do much for him, but it’s a step in the right direction. The C-plot involves Winston, who strangely disappears for much of the episode; however, the final tag is a fantastic gag involving a candelabra and genies.


627-7BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, “The Vulture” (1×05)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine really seems to be finding itself and its characters, and its unique voice is now shining through, illuminating one of the best new shows of the year. This particular episode involves “The Vulture” (also known as Dennis Duffy from 30 Rock), a cop who swoops in and steals cases; Peralta takes offense to this and tries to vulture his own case. The episode does a nice job highlighting the virtues of having such a wonderful cast; Peralta’s team plays nicely off each other, especially with a running gag in regards to women having hairdryers in their purses.

In our B-plot, we have the wonderful trio of Braugher/Peretti/Crews, three actors whose characters shouldn’t work together, but do. They highlight each others’ differences, and each shines in a sweet storyline, one in which Holt just wants to help his friend.

Ultimately, the gears are fully oiled and running for this show, and hopefully we see some upticks in the ratings soon.


Credit to FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.

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