Homeland “Still Positive” Review (3×06)

4 Nov

627-22So, we’re finally back on track? Yes and no. I’m happy the show is going back to its good old fashioned spy roots and trying to milk tension out of that, but I also can’t help but worry Javadi will go down the Abu Nazir villain path, especially considering the events of this episode. Hopefully there’s some more nuance and buildup for him rather than have his whole character be destroyed in one fell swoop (a la Abu Nazir late last season). I think the connection to Saul might help with making him more interesting, but I also feel like the whole “murdering the ex-wife and daughter in law” scene is a bit unnecessary.

Still, I like the focus on Saul this season; it’s not just the Carrie Mathison adventures now, and the show’s exploring his marriage problems and how he overcompensates with his job. Add on to that his ties to Javadi and you’ve got a boiling pot of Angry Beard.

As for Dana, I’m glad she’s starting to take control of her situation, but then again, this all makes her seem like an asshole and Jess an awful parent. It’s better than Dana and Leo frolicking through cemeteries and reading each other poetry, but it’s not particularly great; still, hopefully this means we’ll pull back on the Brody family for a bit.

And of course, Carrie’s pregnant. This is a really frustrating storyline already because 1) Watching Carrie Mathison, CIA agent is a lot more fun than watching Carrie Mathison, Mom. Her interactions with Javadi in this episode prove that point….and 2) The fact that she has that many pregnancy tests suggests that she’s known for a while now…you know, during that time in which she had sex with random strangers, drank a lot, and got shot up with lithium while in a mental hospital. Yes, she’s self-destructive, but come on, show; this is extreme.

Still, I enjoyed this episode; it’s a well-constructed, fast-paced episode that paves the way for some intriguing storylines.



-Chris Brody did nothing in this episode.

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One Response to “Homeland “Still Positive” Review (3×06)”

  1. JustMeMike November 16, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    Yes the cons continue. Carrie’s pregnancy –

    Since I am not clear about the timeline – I remember hearing a line that weeks/months have gone by and the CIA (the parts that exploded) have still not be cleared away. The implication being that time has passed. So if Brody is the father of the child Carrie carries – shouldn’t she be showing by now. Especially since we have seen Carrie map detailing the Brody sightings around the globe.

    Her pregnancy went undetected in the hospital?

    If not Brody, then who? Quinn? When – because we’ve not seen any thing to indicate a sexual relationship.

    The One night stand with a repeat before Carrie was snatched off the street and taken to the fancy house on the golf course. If it is this guy – then what is the point?

    Agree about the unnecessary and brutal murders by Javadi. We didn’t need to see this to know that he is a bad guy. However there is a point to these murders – only it is indirect and we don;t get it until next week.

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