New Girl “Coach” Review (3×07)

5 Nov

627-23Just a few quick thoughts…

-I like Winston finally standing up for himself at the end. As much as his random subplots are hilarious, his character should be fleshed out a bit more due to the presence of Coach, a guy that seemingly fits in better with the group than Winston himself does. This is a good opportunity to make him more of a character.

-Damon Wayans, Jr. also does great work as Coach here; he’s a bit more likeable than he was in the pilot, and although the group dynamics aren’t entirely sound, he’s a great addition to the cast. Also, I miss Happy Endings.

-Also, some nice subtle work done with Schmidt this week through his interactions with Nick (he’s unable to delineate why he’s mad at Nick); it feels like he’s moving in the right direction to take full responsibility for his previous actions, except, of course, when he’s arguing about Raiders of the Lost Ark.

-Taye Diggs is delightful here; also, he’s sure to make anyone feel a little something. I’m straight, but I can recognize how gorgeous he is.

-I like how the main plot isn’t just “Jess is angry at Nick because she’s afraid he’ll get it on with some strippers”. It was more that she can’t go and hang out with everyone else, in addition to the fact that Nick can’t call her his girlfriend in front of them. It takes a tired sitcom trope and made it a little better.

-It’s frustrating to watch Cece sabotage her friend’s relationship here. While she’s justified in stating her opinions, it’s not the right thing to say to Jess at the time; I’m glad she reverts on her feelings at the end.

-“Hey, did you hear the joke about the two white guys and the two black guys who walked into a police station? The white guys walked out.”

-The guys’ drunken slapfest outside of the police station is hilarious as well.

-“Put on pants?” Also, Nick throws pizza at seagulls.

-The other great Nick/Jess exchange, aside from their last one, is early on when they’re arguing about the strip club with Coach looking on. Jake Johnson’s various facial expressions throughout that scene are absolutely perfect, and I love his emphatic “I’m REALLY sorry!”

“Huh… I thought I watched that alone.”

Credit to FOX and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.

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