Homeland “Gerontion” Review (3×07)

11 Nov

627-19Just a few quick bullets coming up here…

-I think it’s really nice seeing how both Javadi and Quinn question Saul’s tactics past and present; as much as Carrie/Saul are a great team, there’s no doubt that he put her through a whole lot of shit. It’ll be interesting seeing that Saul-Quinn dynamic play out with Carrie caught in the middle and Lockhart off doing whatever in the middle of nowhere.

-Going off that last point, Lockhart’s cartoonish, but he makes legitimate points (not to mention being pretty hilarious). Underneath that exterior is a voice of reason, but he isn’t seen as a legitimate threat, more of an annoying child that needs to be in a timeout; this might come back to bite Saul in the ass sometime. Or, at least hopefully it does, because Saul shouldn’t always come out on top. Nevertheless, it’s a nice parallel drawn to Quinn’s storyline, where the police just ask him point blank if the CIA’s actions are really justified.

-That Quinn interrogation is a really fantastic scene. What I like about it the most is that it’s an interrogation that consists of absolutely no BS. No one’s trying to manipulate anyone into saying what needs to be said; it’s just one person bluntly asking another, “Why the hell are you doing all of this?” Also, nice cameo by Clark Johnson there.

-That stuff with Saul and Dar locking Lockhart in the conference room? Priceless.

-However, I’m not entirely sold on the whole Javadi plan. Frankly, it’s a bit implausible and way too easy, not to mention it undercuts many of the previous scenes.

-“Senator Lockhart managed to get himself locked in the conference room. Can you get facilities to let him out?” I’m really happy they’re strengthening the dynamic between those two bearded folks, even though I do feel like Dar’s a guy that’s just going to play sides.

-I like the focus on Saul this season, but I’m not sure we need to see all that cheesy homefront stuff.

-I’m happy they’re organically bringing Brody back into the fray, rather than coming up with some quick contrivance to do so. I’d rather have him not here, but I admire the restraint by the writers; or, who knows, maybe they just don’t have anything for him to do.

-No Dana, Jess, or Chris. This is a good thing.


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One Response to “Homeland “Gerontion” Review (3×07)”

  1. JustMeMike November 16, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    I’m still disturbed by the on going cons.

    Like how does Javadi know about the Yoga Play. Considering the small size of those in the know – Carrie, Quinn, the David Marciano character, and the other guy who Carrie called to put the Yoga thing into play – it has to be one of them.

    The double murders committed by Javadi, and then confessed to by Quinn – the whole point was to weaken Quinn’s game. By putting doubts in him, he won’t be as effective, driven, or as steadfastly dependable.

    Have the writers heard us and have weakened Dana’s role, or is her departure merely the preliminary way of putting her at risk.

    And there’s one more huge dangling question. If Brody didn’t build the bomb then who did. According to Javadi, this person is still alive. Then who moved Brody’s car? Then – how did that person have the keys to Brody’s car.

    So Javadi says Brody isn’t the bomber, and wasn’t a part of the plan. It seems more gamesmanship by Javadi. But if he is right – then is the bomber Adal, Quinn, or Marciano’s character or the other guy who was with Marciano in the car during the Yoga Play. Or will it turm out to be FBI Agent Hall?

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