Person of Interest “Endgame” Review (3×08)

13 Nov



Although Detective Carter doesn’t start off the series as a major character, this episode is a showcase for her in an increasingly excellent season. I’m blown away by the character work done for Carter, both by the writers and Taraji P. Henson. It would’ve been easy for the storyline to feel rushed and melodramatic, but it is anything but; the episode brilliantly portrays someone not only seeking revenge, but also gaining insight about the value of cooperation and morality. This progression is paralleled with the flashbacks, both conveying her growth in similar ways and tying the concept of family to her two situations.

When you get down to it, it’s amazing how deep a supporting cast the show has, especially in regards to the women. Shaw, Root, and Carter have all had showcases this season, and each of those episodes has been compelling and exciting.

Of course, the other link to that supporting cast is Fusco; it seems as if he’s at the natural end of his story, but it’s disappointing that a complete arc for him is so much less developed than those for the other characters. Nevertheless, this episode does a nice job of emphasizing that Carter-Fusco relationship and the trust they share.

All in all, this is a fast-paced episode that barrels into a breathless cliffhanger; there are two episodes left this year, and both look to be great.



-“Wait, that’s my grenade launcher?”

-I love that scene. I like how Finch immediately assumes the person in the video is Shaw.

-Alonzo Quinn is chilling to watch; he’s calm and collected, but he can be ruthless and is willing to do what’s necessary for personal gain.


-Elias is always magnificent. “Let it simmer for fifteen minutes, then stir with vinegar.”….basically a recipe for this episode, wouldn’t you say?

Credit to CBS and Person of Interest for all pictures. I own nothing.

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