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Person of Interest “return 0” Review (5×13)

21 Jun

"Return 0" -- The team must embark on one last suicide mission to prevent Samaritan from destroying The Machine and cementing its hold over mankind, on the series finale of PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, June 21 (10:00 -- 11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L-R: Michael Emerson as Harold Finch, Kevin Chapman as Lionel Fusco, and Jim Caviezel as John Reese Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ©2016 WBEI. All rights reserved.

“Maybe this isn’t the end at all.”

I started watching Person of Interest about halfway through season one. I don’t remember why I was on the CBS website the day I decided to click on one of those early episodes, but in hindsight, I am just so damn glad I made that choice. I am so glad that the show blew all my expectations out of the water, completely transcending the CBS crime drama mold as it evolved into something complex, original, and enthralling. I am so glad that a science fiction show like this is getting to finish on its own terms, going out on top after five incredible years and leaving its fans with something to remember. I don’t think “return 0” is a perfect series-ender, but it’s still an emotionally satisfying conclusion that brings the series’s big themes full circle. For the final time, let’s dig in.

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Person of Interest “Synecdoche” Review (5×11)

7 Jun


“Synecdoche” certainly isn’t one of the season’s strongest, but it’s a fairly enjoyable hour that brings back some old faces: Harper Rose, Joey Durban, and Logan Pierce. It’s nice to see that the Machine Team has not only saved lives, but has also influenced people to do good and carry on the cause. What they’ve accomplished over the years means something to the people they’ve helped, and we see the evidence front and center with this newly assembled Machine Team. As The Machine tells Harold at the beginning of the episode, “it must be comforting fixing something, creating order amidst chaos.” This is kind of what these people are doing, and it’s fun to watch.

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Person of Interest “Sotto Voce” Review (5×09)

30 May


“Maybe the best we can do is trust each other.”

Talk about a setup for the end. The “Voice” elements of the episode are fairly average, but everything else is extremely well done, building nicely off of the character relationships and the history of the show. It’s an episode of reunions, an episode all about finally revealing certain truths, and it packs a big emotional wallop at the end as a result. The final shot of the Machine Team is reminiscent of the pilot’s closing shot, one that only included Reese and Finch in the park; as we come to the end of five fantastic years, though, we’re reminded one more time of how this team developed. We’re reminded of these people coming together as one to take down Samaritan, to do the best they can to make the world a better place. It’s a beautiful ending.

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Person of Interest “QSO”/ “Reassortment” Review (5×07/5×08)

24 May



First off, Amy Acker in various outfits will never get old. Second, this episode is all about belief, about committing yourself to what you truly feel and not letting anyone else tell you otherwise. Max Greene sets the tone early on in the episode when he tells his viewers that “the things you believe…they’re coming from somewhere.” Later, when Finch tries to reset things post-case, he’s met with vehement resistance from Greene. “I’m not hiding!” he exclaims angrily, and this conviction ends up getting him killed by Samaritan. What follows is an intriguing discussion about free will versus morals, and it’s a great discussion to have considering the sci-fi themes of the series. Whenever you have a situation in which technology has the potential to usurp humanity, it’s a natural extension of the central debate.

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Person of Interest “A More Perfect Union” Review (5×06)

23 May


My stream of bullets:

-First and foremost, this episode is a hell of a lot of fun. The bachelorette party in the beginning–complete with Janna’s infatuation with Reese–is a great way to kick off the episode, and Finch’s Irish accent later is to die for. Not only that, but him singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is just plain hilarious. Plus, Amy Acker on a horse!

-As always, the episode also finds some quieter character moments underneath all the fun. The conversation between Finch and Root about why Root showed up at the wedding is pretty touching, and Reese and Maggie find some moments of connection amidst the madness. Also, there’s something quietly poetic about the shot of the Machine Team looking at the happy couple on the dance floor. One thing the season has grappled with thus far has been the idea of normality and its feasibility in the context of this show, and this shot is a wonderful way of showing, not telling, this idea.

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Person of Interest “ShotSeeker” Review (5×05)

18 May


I’m bringing back my string-of-bullets style review because I don’t have the energy to really grind out an essay right now. Also, I have a bit less to say here than I did for the first four episodes of the season. Here we go:

-Especially after last night’s emotional rollercoaster, I can see why some fans might be a little disappointed that the show goes back to the case-of-the-week format here. However, as amazing as the serialized storyline is, I’ve always had a soft spot for the numbers, i.e. the heart and soul of the show. Like always, the way the writers integrate the overarching plot with the case of the week is impressive.

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Person of Interest “6,741” Review (5×04)

17 May


“You were my safe place.”

When Person of Interest premiered five years ago, never did I expect it to become the show it is now. Never did I expect it to have such an in-depth understanding of its characters and all their complexities. Never did I expect it to deliver rich character studies like the one we see in “6,741”. And truly, that’s what “6,741” is: a fascinating exploration of Sameen Shaw, someone whose influence has still been felt ever since she went M.I.A., someone without whom Team Machine never really feels complete. In this episode, the weight of her storyline is palpable in every scene, her presence dredging up guilt and the pain of loss; even more important than that, though, is the love that’s brought forth. People care about her, and we feel that very clearly.

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Person of Interest “Truth Be Told” Review (5×03)

10 May

"Truth Be Told" -- Reese’s cover could be blown when he realizes the latest POI has ties to his old colleagues in the CIA, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, May 10 (10:00 – 11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L-R: Amy Acker as Root and Michael Emerson as Harold Finch Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ©2015 WBEI. All rights reserved.

“We don’t get normal lives.”

Early on in “Truth Be Told”, Harold tells Reese that it’s good that he’s attempting to have a normal life, and Reese responds by adding a disclaimer about the supercomputer “bent on world domination”. This exchange, coupled with Reese taking care of some baddies before a lunch with Iris and her parents, help set up the main thrust of the episode, putting the pieces into place for those episode-ending conversations. Simply put, none of these characters are living normal lives because normal lives don’t come with the territory. As Root says, their jobs are all about taking risks, and it’s the only option because the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

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Person of Interest “SNAFU” Review (5×02)

9 May

SNAFU1“There are no heroes or villains…just people doing the best they can.”

See, these kinds of ideas are exactly why this show is one of the best on TV. The central conflict in Person of Interest could very easily throw all its marbles into some generic “good guys vs. bad guys/good AI vs. bad AI” setup, but the writers understand how to transcend the basics and really delve into the complexities of the human experience. The above quote wonderfully captures the show’s understanding of not just human beings themselves, but also human beings as they relate to the technology they craft. Finch, Root, and Reese are all just trying to do the best they can, trying to utilize The Machine to save as many lives as possible. They’re trying to change, and that counts for something even given their histories. However, one could also easily take a look at their actions sans context and condemn them, and that’s what “SNAFU” spends its runtime exploring.

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Person of Interest “YHWH” Review (4×22)

6 May


“We’re the Machine’s last hope.”

What an ending. What a finale. What a show. Somehow, Person of Interest has the ability to keep turning it up a notch, to keep delivering some of the most thrilling, compelling, and relevant television on right now. With “YHWH”, it concludes yet another great season in grand fashion, and what we’re witnessing right now is TV at its best. Who would’ve thought four years ago that this would eventually become such a layered and brilliant series?

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