Parks and Recreation “Filibuster/Recall Vote” Review (6×06/6×07)

14 Nov

Parks and Recreation - Season 6Leslie Knope isn’t much of an enigma; she’s an inherently good person with certain flaws, one of which is Eagleton. So, whether it be her intense hatred of the town from previous episodes or her determination to fight for their rights here, something’s eventually going to come around and bite her in the ass…maybe Ben Wyatt, as long as Leslie’s wearing roller skates. It’s his crazy sex fantasy, after all.

Surprisingly, she loses the recall vote, not because Eagleton has it out for her, but because she hurt her own chances. It’s a very good choice by the writers–I applaud them for breaking from the norm–that is sure to pave the way for some interesting stories down the road. In fact, I’m completely invested in whatever crusade of kindness that will undoubtedly follow; it’s a much more realistic scenario that, while still saccharine, opens the floodgates for character development.

Speaking of, I like how the writers are strengthening the interpersonal relationships, whether it be Leslie/Ben (in a very funny, drunken, tattoo-almost obtaining storyline in “Recall Vote”), Ron/Donna, Leslie/Ann, or April/Andy. These two episodes are full of small character moments amidst the hilarity that is, say, Ron and Donna playing Big Buck Hunter.

I don’t think the filibuster itself works, as it comes across as more of a straight up parody of Wendy Davis. It’s a storyline ripe with hilarious imagery and Leslie lusting over a margarita (“Democracy is like a cake. It’s layered, delicious, chocolate, and I want some.”), but neither this nor the Erinn Hayes celebrity lifestyle storyline amount to much (I did like “Thank you. It’s genetic and unattainable.”).

Still, it’s a very enjoyable hour that serves up the laughs while moving the show forward in an interesting direction.



-The first episode is a nice sendoff for Tatiana Maslany, and it opens the door for future appearances. I would’ve liked to see a bit more, especially considering she seems to have great chemistry with Ann, but she still was a great presence and fit right in.

-Kristen Bell’s back!

-That interview does not touch “You’re On With Ron”. Still, “Yes, mostly it’s used for sitting. Put it by a table and eat a meal.”

-Sandwiches made with cookies. You know Andy so well, April.

-I’m happy we got Andy back for an episode. I’ve missed him.

-“I am not a sore loser. It’s just that I want to win, and when I don’t, I get furious. EMPLOYEE.”

-“Ann, you noble and poetic land mermaid.” Also, “Your brain is almost as perfect as your face.”

-“If I know anything about Rwanda, and I don’t, I bet it’s full of rich guys who’ll buy her whatever she wants.”

-I like Youtube videos of turtles and birds becoming friends, too.

-So the Larry thing is permanent now. “Larry, everyone is miserable, and you are only making it worse.”

-Ron is still great. “Start over and speak differently.” Also, “I regret everything.”

-“Eat my shorts, Jabronis. Knope out.” Best concession speech ever.

-Not even Lil’ Sebastien can cheer Leslie up. The shot of Leslie asleep on the bench and everyone looking through the window is priceless….or Leslie Buttface Hitler the Fourth.

-“Just remember kids, nothing gold can stay.”

-“Please back up two paces so I can physically destroy this machine.”

-I loved Ben holding the chainsaw while asking if there was anything to numb the pain.

-“C’mon now. You know I don’t give a ****.” Oh, Donna.

“Truly we did steal a toy from your pregnant friend.”

“My initials are private.” Also, Ron’s laugh.

-“It is Ms. Knope; it’s not Councilwoman Knope because that chapter of my life is already over.”

-The Buttercup and Westley costumes are great.

Credit to NBC and Parks and Recreation for all pictures. I own nothing.




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