New Girl “Thanksgiving III” Review (3×10)

26 Nov

1e367419f3b3446ec40f01e1ca7052afHoliday episodes are outlets for full ensemble antics; they’re easy ways to get the whole gang together, celebrating a day and modeling around it. As for this particular episode, it’s a sweet, funny way to close out the 2013 year for New Girl (I have no idea why there isn’t a Christmas episode this year).

Several of the criticisms of this season have been valid; for example, the Nick-Jess relationship can become a bit too saccharine at times, and the Winston character is usually relegated to the C-plots. However, this episode strikes a nice balance between character and funny. I think the show’s certainly self-aware about the Winston stuff; there are a few more lines about him not getting a say in anything and the loss of the opportunity to make the craziest mugs, man. It’s good that the show is finally starting to remedy that; last week, Winston related with a stranger, and this week, he relates with someone he knows. He normally isn’t able to find much validation from others, and we’re hopefully moving in the right direction.

As for Nick and Jess, I’ve seen growth. There’s a part of Nick that is still surprised that he even has a relationship, so understandably, he overcompensates–catching a dead fish and having a “real” Thanksgiving–because he never wants it to end. The other part of him is more grounded–he tells Jess he doesn’t want her to patronize him, for example. This relationship hasn’t just turned him into a carbon copy of Jess; if it had, it wouldn’t have worked out.

However, I do feel like Coach is taking on a bit too many of Schmidt’s characteristics, one of them being his confidence. It’s nice to see Schmidt start to move on, but I don’t want a similar wooing plot in the future from Coach; still, I’m happy Cece’s getting more screen time.

All in all, it’s an entertaining episode that, while its plot is very meandering, is an effective way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the New Girl folk.



-Delirious Jess is a delight. “I’m out of the office ’til Friday, for immediate assistance, please call Deb at extension A.C. Slater.”

-“Head first? Why?!”

-“My tolerance for alcohol has gotten really low. I drank 3 beers and I got all giggly and tired, and I didn’t want a fourth. I think I’m losing it; last night I had a dream I was brushing a horse.” So many gems from Jake Johnson tonight.

-“We walked all the way to Oregon?” “That explains the cramp…”

-Real men are on the bottom. Nothing purple grows in nature. George Washington hunted and milked his cats.

Credit to New Girl and FOX for all pictures. I own nothing.


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