R.I.P. Paul Walker, taken from us too soon.

1 Dec

131130213718-paul-walker-horizontal-galleryIt’s truly heartbreaking to see anyone taken from us this soon. Reports state that he was traveling in Valencia, California with an unidentified other when their car (the details are fuzzy at this time) either crashed or just plain exploded, killing both in a cruel moment of irony. The saddest part is, he was on the way to a humanitarian event; the world can be awful sometimes.

I’m not going to pretend he was my favorite actor or anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed him in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and I was definitely looking forward to the seventh. I also enjoyed Running Scared, which is definitely an underrated movie that features an underrated Walker performance. Still, putting aside his acting, he seemed like a truly humble, generous, and loving guy, and he will be missed. He’s the kind of person that never tried to revel in the spotlight because he never needed to; those are the kind of celebrities we need more of nowadays. R.I.P. Paul and whoever you were with. My thoughts are with both of you and your families.

Photo credit: CNN.com

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