Brian Griffin will return to “Family Guy”; Seth MacFarlane is laughing at all of us.

6 Dec


Following the death of beloved dog Brian Griffin of the not-so-beloved-anymore Family Guy, the producers have decided to bring him back from the dead; an upcoming December 15th episode includes him in the cast description.

In fact, immediately following his death, thousands of signatures were collected on a petition to bring him back, because democracy. Why petition to improve our nation when we can petition to bring a talking cartoon dog back to shed light on our sorry lives, am I right? Anyway, Seth MacFarlane will reprise his role as Brian, unless, of course, the show intends to inject an even greater amount of realism by transforming him into a barking dog. In that case, Seth MacFarlane will definitely reprise his role as Brian.

So, because of our baffling love of Family Guy over American Dad, and the voices of thousands of people crying out in anguish over the loss of Brian, we have raised up, toppling the oppressive regime of “We Killed Your Dog”, bringing him back from the dead so that he can make us laugh for another 10 years. We have proved that petitioning is a wondrous action, a right given to us by our forefathers, an action that can influence change.

Except for the part where, you know, this was obviously just a publicity stunt and the producers intended to bring him back the whole time.

Credit to FOX and Family Guy for all pictures. I own nothing.

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