Masters of Sex “Manhigh” Review (1×12)

16 Dec

ab287127c84743dac3b8ec0e0c30d86dSome very quick thoughts coming up….

-I couldn’t go to bed without talking about this show and how wonderful the debut season has been. It’s crafted some brilliant characters and is home to some of the best acting and writing on television. Thank you, Michelle Ashford and co.

-On Bill Masters: One of the fundamental aspects of his character is his desire to separate emotions from life, but that doesn’t mean he’s heartless; why would he need to separate those emotions if he didn’t have them in the first place? Anyway, I think this episode does a nice job of tearing down the success that Masters thought he could obtain and showing us the consequences of the bad aspects of his character. Everything’s been stripped away after that presentation, and he heads to the only two places/people he knows: his office and Virginia. For him, Virginia is the only person who can truly understand him and what he cares about, and they fill each others’ needs for acceptance more so than do “perfect” spouses like Ethan and Libby (Libby really is perfect, though); yet, this mutual trust can only develop in the situations they’re in at that moment. So, the final scene, albeit a little cheesy, ultimately works because it’s such a huge step for Masters; in addition, it doesn’t skimp on the importance of Virginia having a choice.

-Oh man, is that Scully storyline–give Beau Bridges and Allison Janney some awards–heartbreaking or what? in fact, it’s a contrast to Bill-Virginia; Barton and Margaret may deeply care about each other, but then they attempt to remedy their lack of passion through awful “treatments” and such. Instead of separating sex and emotion, they see them as essentially the same thing. They have the perfect marriage on paper, but not in real life.

-It’s great to see Bill take the fall for Scully like that; Scully’s someone he truly respects, and I’m not surprised he does this.

-Hey, Lester and Jane kiss.

-Lillian’s slowly grown into one of the best, most complex characters on the show. At the start, there was a mutual grudging respect between her and Virginia, but their bond strengthened over the weeks; it’s now a deep friendship. For Virginia, Lillian represents both opportunity and the lack of opportunity, and she’s a big part of Gini’s evolution.

-“I can spot a statistically average masturbator from a mile away.”

And with that, I bid you farewell until next season, Masters of Sex. I’m looking forward to it.



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