Hannibal “Hassun” Review (2×03)

15 Mar

Hannibal - Season 2Will Graham is on trial.

Interestingly, the trial isn’t necessarily about Will; rather, it’s about how those around him view the situation, view the topic of his innocence, view him as a person. Although the episode veers into a courtroom setting, and although it stumbles a bit due to its place-setting nature, we still are privy to some very interesting character explorations.

For example, Jack Crawford’s in a situation where his morality and emotions are trumping professional expediency, and ironically, while everyone’s pointing fingers at Will as the close friend turned bad, it’s actually been Hannibal all this time. The episode seems to subtly rearrange the pieces so that a rift’s being created between Jack and Hannibal, and as we all know, that’s all leading up to the fight we saw in the premiere. Jack’s in a vulnerable state right now, what with his dying wife and his guilt over the countless murders that have occurred, and each factor compounding on the others results in a man buckling under pressure, a man caught between heart and mind.

Speaking of pressure, a lineup of witnesses are trotted out to make a case against Will; we see Freddie Lounds and Dr. Chilton, in particular, and Alana Bloom and Hannibal serve as the polar opposites, respectively. Yet, this is all a maneuvering game–a sales pitch that Will’s lawyer mentions–and Hannibal’s playing. He arranges it so that he has control of the courtroom, wielding power over the others and keeping this game going as long as he can. Yet, something happens: he loses. He’s shot down on the stand, and here, we can certainly see that cockiness start to shine through. That leads to the murder of the judge, as it’s the only way of prolonging this sociopath-driven manipulation he seems intent on relishing in.

For, Hannibal truly sees Will as a friend. He’s fascinated by him, and he’ll help his case. However, it’s only for a personal gratification of sorts, one that’s becoming less and less powerful and is teetering on the edge. One more push, and the sharp stag antlers are waiting for you below.



-I love Hannibal’s smile when the prosecutor suggests that Will is the smartest person in the room.

-The opening–the electric chair–is really effective with the “unsettling” factor, but it also conveys a sense of entrapment, of the future to come.

-“You are smitten with the accused Ms. Bloom, and it is adorable, but not our brand of defense. Ms. Vega will smell it on you like you stepped in young adult and tracked it into the courtroom.” Will’s lawyer is on fire. I love him, and I’d like to see him go up against someone like Alan Shore.

-I love the lawyer’s take down of Lounds. “Hey, don’t you lie a lot? Yeah, sorry. No further questions.”

-“I think I got your mail.”

-Nice to see the return of Will’s windshield wiper effect.

-Hannibal walking into the courtroom makes for some beautiful visuals.

-More Vincent, please.

Photo credit: NBC, Hannibal

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