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“I am enchanted…and terrified”: A Hannibal Season 2 Retrospective

25 May

Hannibal-Season-2-Teaser-Image PolarBears: Season 2 of Hannibal is coming to an end, and Louis O’Carroll and I have decided to take a look back on the season as a whole. It’s been quite a ride, consisting of brilliant acting and tasty meals and sexy people, and it’s been a truly excellent 13 episode run. Let’s start off with Will Graham, who we saw behind bars in the final scene of the season 1 finale. OC, what do you think about how the show handled him in that situation? Continue reading

Hannibal “Mizumono” Review (2×13)

24 May

Hannibal - Season 2

“This is the clearest moment of our friendship.”

There’s no more hiding. There are no more facades. We see Hannibal Lecter for who he truly is, and we see a brutal sequence of violence that’s terrifying in its reality. “Mizumono” is, quite simply, one of the best television episodes I’ve seen, and it’s a horrifying and shocking end to a stellar sophomore season of Hannibal.

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Hannibal “Tome-Wan” Review (2×12)

17 May

Hannibal - Season 2

“I am enchanted…and terrified.”

No other sentence sums up how I feel about this show as much as this one does. In quite possibly the most disturbing, graphic–even with the well-placed shadows–and darkly hilarious episode of the season, Hannibal takes us on a ride as it sets up what should be an explosive season finale.

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Hannibal “Kō No Mono” Review (2×11)

10 May


The opening moments of “Ko No Mono” convey an image of Will being reborn from the stag, emerging under the guidance of Hannibal Lecter and transforming into the very thing the doctor’s always wanted him to be. This rebirth, however, is through Hannibal’s eyes, as he believes he’s acting as father, as friend, as mentor.

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Hannibal “Naka-choko” Review (2×10)

2 May

Hannibal - Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko - Promotional Photos (2) Will Graham seems like he’ll do whatever it takes to take down Hannibal Lecter, but does that mean he’s willing to become the very man Hannibal wants him to become, to have that inner beast coaxed out of him? Or, is he only willing to put up a front? Continue reading

Hannibal “Shiizakana” Review (2×09)

26 Apr

Hannibal - Season 2

“Adapt. Evolve. Become.”

As we watch Hannibal Lecter’s and Will Graham’s relationship develop, the question becomes: Who has the upper hand? Is it Hannibal, fostering the killer inside what he views as his mentee, or is it Will, luring Dr. Lecter into a false sense of security before he tears him apart?

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Hannibal “Su-zakana” Review (2×08)

18 Apr

Hannibal - Episode 2.08 - Su-zakana - Promotional Photos (9)

“Is your social worker in that horse?”

The last few episodes of the show have all been absolutely stellar, keeping up a pounding pace with tension, compelling character interactions, and horrifyingly beautiful imagery. Hannibal, understandably, now has to tone it down a bit before it moves into the final arc of the season; of course, that doesn’t mean “Su-zakana” isn’t still a very entertaining episode in its own right.

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Hannibal “Yakimono” Review (2×07)

12 Apr

Hannibal - Episode 2.07 - Yakimono - Promotional Photos (2)

“Neither of us is free. He’s not done.”

Hannibal seems to create a perpetual sense of claustrophobia, engulfing the audience in its characters and their mind games. Everyone in the show is trapped in some way, whether it be through emotional connection or steadfast loyalty or fascination or mere expedience; the walls are closing in as the Earth spins on its axis.

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Hannibal “Futamono” Review (2×06)

5 Apr

Hannibal - Season 2

My, what a show.

I’m impressed by how we can go completely, next level bananas, and yet it still feels like the writers aren’t doing it just to do it. Certain things are still being reined in for what will ultimately result in an amazing payoff, and the layers and the mind games and the beautiful imagery and the character work are just seamlessly blending together. The show manages to ratchet up the tension each week without giving in to silly plot twists or contrivances. Truly excellent stuff right here, and we’re not even halfway through the season.

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Hannibal “Mukozuke” Review (2×05)

29 Mar


Hannibal Lecter is a fascinating character, but it’s extremely difficult to sympathize with him after we see what’s been done to Beverly. He still possesses a certain amount of humanity, but there’s no denying that he’s also a monster, someone who’d slice Bev up and display her as a form of grotesque, unsettling art.

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