Hannibal “Futamono” Review (2×06)

5 Apr

Hannibal - Season 2

My, what a show.

I’m impressed by how we can go completely, next level bananas, and yet it still feels like the writers aren’t doing it just to do it. Certain things are still being reined in for what will ultimately result in an amazing payoff, and the layers and the mind games and the beautiful imagery and the character work are just seamlessly blending together. The show manages to ratchet up the tension each week without giving in to silly plot twists or contrivances. Truly excellent stuff right here, and we’re not even halfway through the season.

Going off of this episode, I think Hannibal’s starting to realize that there’s no way he can ever make Will his friend; after all, in an episode in which certain truths are forming–about Hannibal himself, about the Ripper’s murders, about Miriam–it’d make sense for there to be this recurring theme of “letting go”. Last week’s near-death experience merely served to invigorate him here, causing him to tell Will that he can’t trust him and to implicitly threaten Alana in front of him. Now, one can certainly interpret this as Lecter, in his own twisted way, trying to get Graham to think about how perfect a serial-killer pair they’d be. Nevertheless, Hannibal’s God-like status is becoming increasingly stronger–the higher you go, the harder you fall, after all–but his view of Will is becoming clearer. That makes it all the more terrifying to consider what’s going to happen to Alana, as he knows what Will thinks of her.

Also, I like the idea of mentorship in this episode. Hannibal’s been Alana’s mentor, and he’s known her for the longest time; because of this, he’s able to lull her into this false sense of certainty. Jack was Miriam’s mentor, so Hannibal’s able to manipulate everything so that he’s lulled into a similar false sense of certainty, at least in regards to her. He believes he found her on her own, but something about the way the sequence is structured makes me believe that Hannibal’s pulling the strings; in fact, the whole idea of Hannibal composing and playing music on the harpsichord is an extended metaphor for his desires for the future. Like I said above, he has a clearer grasp on the situation he’s in, meaning he knows the end is coming. He’s now going to take control of the situation, crafting a beautiful, fitting coda to his murders and the mind games he’s been playing, to the work of art he’s been writing. Food is his art; it’s why, at the end, the coda, of Gideon’s life, Abel’s fed his own body. It’s, in Hannibal’s eyes, beautiful. Killing is his art. Hannibal Lecter will not go out without adding one last note to his masterpiece.



-Honestly, I just wish Hannibal and Will could be actual friends…you know, give each other hugs, share recipes, play with Will’s dogs, then strip and bang each other on the kitchen counter.

-Hannibal and Alana seem to be drawn together over a shared loss–once again emphasizing that idea of “letting go”–and we see Lecter in a very human state (interesting choice after last week’s vulnerable position). Of course, I really do hope Alana finds her way out of this. She’s an intelligent woman, and if we get more scenes like the one in which she provides an alibi, that’d be devaluing the character. If you’re going to make her die–please don’t, show; she’s so intriguing–at least make it interesting.

-Caroline Dhavernas is stunning in that blue dress. Man, what a gorgeous woman.

-Well, Dr. Abel Gideon is killed. To Hannibal, he needs to go because he’s become sympathetic to Will’s plight.

-The Tree Man crime scene is beautiful (man, does this show make corpses look good). I especially like the transition from Hannibal’s music notes to the flowers on the Tree Man.

-It’ll be interesting to go from Anna Chlumsky as Miriam Lass to Anna Chlumsky as Amy. (I admit, I wish it was Abigail).

-I’m more excited for Will’s reunion with his dogs than for the Will-Hannibal confrontation they teased during the second half of the promo. I would like to have a dog-centric episode sometime, as well.

-Raul Esparza is quickly becoming the MVP of this show. His reaction to Hannibal’s wink is perfect, and I like how he inspects the food; Esparza’s really nailing that Fuller sense of humor down. Also, “Hannibal the Cannibal”!

-Loved the census taker nod. It’s “Silence of the Lambs” references galore!

-“Who does he have to kill for you to open your eyes?” *Cut to Alana’s face* Uh, that’s not good…

-This show. This. Show.

Photo credit: Hannibal, NBC

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