Battlestar Galactica Season 2, Episodes 1-4 Review

26 Jun


EPISODES COVERED: “Scattered”, “Valley of Darkness”, “Fragged”, “Resistance”

SEASON 2 ARC 1–Tigh’s in command! 

As the chaos resulting from Adama’s shooting rages on, the characters of the Galactica are becoming scattered both physically and emotionally, their world turned upside down yet again. Adama’s laying in a hospital bed dying, Roslin, Lee, and Sharon are all in jail, and there’s a group of people stranded on Kobol. A leader is supposed to keep everything together, but when that leader is out of commission, who’ll step up and start to patch together the pieces? Will it be Colonel Tigh, someone who has to take on responsibility here that he never wanted to have, who constantly measures himself up against his friend?

Flashes of military intelligence and leadership shine through, but those are sometimes overshadowed by his inability to deal with the politics side of things. Now, his decision to declare martial law certainly has me wondering about his motivations here: is he 1) just an easily manipulated, power hungry bastard–note how he refers to the ship as his own immediately after he pours his heart out to Adama–or 2) purposely setting himself up as the bad guy, declaring martial law to set himself even further apart from the Commander. Then, I add 1 and 2 and get something in between, and it’s clear that while Tigh allows himself to be manipulated by his wife and makes bonehead decisions as a result, his heart’s in the right place, and he’s aware of how much he’s frakked things up. He’s still good with Adama when the guy finally wakes up, but it’s not before Roslin escapes with the help of a group of people including Lee Adama and Tom Zarek.

And that arc will be for another day. Before we get there, one of the major storylines we see playing out at the beginning of 2.0 is “Fun Times on Kobol” with Cally, Crashdown, Tyrol, Baltar, and some other people who die. It’s a situation with great action and devastating consequences, as Baltar winds up shooting Crashdown in the back when he pulls a gun on Cally. Like with the story on the Galactica, we have characters turning on each other and making decisions to the detriment of their own side, and Crashdown is an example of what happens when an ineffective and inexperienced leader overcompensates and is faced with the consequences of his actions (he and Tigh would be perfect for each other).

People are turning on each other because of the Cylons, because of their ability to look and act human, and in Sharon’s case, maybe be human. We can’t forget that although she shot Adama, she was capable of actually feeling and, as we saw in “Water”, perhaps even fighting her Cylon nature. Here, Baltar manipulates her love for Tyrol in an interesting contrast to the way Baltar himself was manipulated by Six and the way Helo was by Caprica Sharon. At the end of it all, she’s guilty of shooting Adama, but can you be guilty and not guilty at once? Cally doesn’t believe so, but that’s the question Battlestar is posing to us.



– “Bitch took my ride.” Starbuck. Ya gotta love her.

-The Starbuck-Helo scene at Starbuck’s Caprica apartment is really fantastic. The environment is set up so it naturally reveals elements of her character, and it evokes a sense of loss in beautiful fashion, with the colors and the music playing off each other to place these two in a city filled with nothing but memories, memories you aren’t really fighting to re-obtain because you’re fighting to avoid being at a true and final loss.

-Well, the Jack Ruby-esque ending to “Resistance” is certainly intentional.

-Is it just me, or are they using “frak” at least five times more often this season? SHOW, WON’T YOU THINK OF THE KIDS?

-Next up: Arc 2–“Let’s Go Find Earth!” (Eps. 5-7)

Photo credit: Syfy, Battlestar Galactica


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