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Battlestar Galactica Season 2, Episodes 1-4 Review

26 Jun


EPISODES COVERED: “Scattered”, “Valley of Darkness”, “Fragged”, “Resistance”

SEASON 2 ARC 1–Tigh’s in command! 

As the chaos resulting from Adama’s shooting rages on, the characters of the Galactica are becoming scattered both physically and emotionally, their world turned upside down yet again. Adama’s laying in a hospital bed dying, Roslin, Lee, and Sharon are all in jail, and there’s a group of people stranded on Kobol. A leader is supposed to keep everything together, but when that leader is out of commission, who’ll step up and start to patch together the pieces? Will it be Colonel Tigh, someone who has to take on responsibility here that he never wanted to have, who constantly measures himself up against his friend?

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