Veronica Mars “Like a Virgin”/ “Drinking the Kool-Aid” Review (1×08/1×09)

1 Sep

1x09VMMilking Episode 8: “Like a Virgin”

Rumors would be better off buried in some hole somewhere, but unfortunately, they spread and sully reputations quicker than you can say “Shut up, you dicks”. This is what happens here: first off, we have the lingering effects of the Lilly Kane case and the way much of Neptune views the Mars family, which, of course, plays a bit of a role in Alicia’s initial view of Keith (until Keith scares Jeremy out of the apartment).

Second, we have the main plot of the episode, which involves a purity test and lots of petty backstabbing. What’s significant here is the fact that Meg actually sticks up for Veronica while with her friends; later, after we find out that she truly is the person she was at the beginning of the episode, she advises Veronica to re-think getting even with everyone. Veronica certainly does have friends, as Meg says, but the question becomes whether the achievements that come with her personality outweigh the setbacks.


Episode 9: “Drinking the Kool-Aid”

General consensus seems to be that this episode is one of the weaker ones, but I find otherwise. It nicely balances a cold open that’s a direct continuation off of last episode’s Abel Koontz meet up with a thoroughly entertaining plot about the Mooncalf Collective cult, and it’s home to a treasure trove of entertaining dialogue. It’s enjoyable watching Veronica navigate the cult and figuring out that it doesn’t fit the stereotypical cult mold, but what I especially love is the way it leads into an exploration of Veronica-Keith. Throughout, it’s Jake Kane as the father=money, but Keith ends up not going through with the case and therefore not collecting the 5 grand (in addition, we get a scene in which Casey talks about the paradox of money). Veronica shredding the paternity test is a poignant end to the episode, but this is definitely going to come up again. She’s Veronica Mars, after all. She wants to figure things out.



-Another question of reputation, fitting in line with the rest of “Like a Virgin”, with Abel Koontz. Why is he taking the fall for a murder he probably didn’t do?

-So many fantastic quotes throughout these two episodes. Favorites: “I’d believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning.” “Apparently, I’ve pleasured the swim team while jacked up on goofballs.” “There’s something seedy about being the interruptus in someone else’s coitus.” “It’s like listening to the Brady Bunch with a reggae soundtrack.” “That well-known bedrock pragmatism of elvish culture.” “I was just reading in last month’s Koreshian Bride that four out of five cult leaders like their handmaidens nubile, flighty, and teetering on the edge of a breakdown.” Holy crap, I could list these forever.

-No Logan (or Weevil, for that matter) in these two. Interesting, considering next episode–“An Echolls Family Christmas” seems to be all about him.

-Mac’s cool. She seems to be a fan favorite, so I guess we’ll see more later on.

-Kristen Bell crying. 😦

Photo credit: UPN/CW, Veronica Mars


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